Today I personally experienced why Medicare for All is so important

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Today I was driving home from some errands and had a pretty profound experience. As I was sitting at a stoplight, I looked to my left, and on the side of the street there was a man on the ground shaking terribly. I quickly pulled over, went up to him, held his hand, and asked if he was okay. Apparently he was a drug addict and he told me that he just OD'd and couldn't get up and needed me to help him walk to the detox center that is only two blocks away. I told him I was going to call an ambulance for him.

He looked me in the eyes and slowly uttered the words "Please don't do that, I don't have healthcare."

Here was a man fighting for his own life, barely breathing, barely functioning, dying, and he was concerned about his health care. And the look of complete sadness and devastation in his eyes showed how worried he was about it.

Now, I always sort of laughed medicare for all off thinking it is too good to be true or not doable, but today I saw the necessity of it and why it is so important.

And for anyone wondering, I did call an ambulance and they saved his life on the spot. I live in MN so they have financial options for people like him and he won't be paying anything probably. But just the fact that he was so worried about it even while he was dying was very moving to me.

Just wanted to share that with everyone here and proclaim that I am fully aboard the MFA train, and that I'm sorry that it took something like this to change my mind.

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