Two questions, first how do you as voters educate yourselves properly with a landscape of biases and ‘shocking’ conspiracies? Second, who do you feel can garner and be a vehicle for the kind of revolution we created here?

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Recently, with the release of 'Plandemic' and 'Out of the Shadows' I have found myself trying to show the lack of evidence these theories provide to those around me who take it as the truth. These resources can be at times written off as 'biased media,' so I wonder on how everyone in this community tries to educate themselves.

With Bernie suspending his campaign and having no path to the nomination, I wonder now who will be the figurehead of our movement that might have the presidency potential. I have done what I can to try and see what progressives are being voted for in smaller elections, but I worry if there is anyone who can be a figurehead as big as Bernie was.

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