Unsubscribed from AOC because I got this email.

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I know she has not made an official endorsement and won't till it doesn't matter, but this email made me so sad I couldn't follow her anymore. Why does everyone abandon Bernie when he needs them most?

Here is the email from Team AOC:

"When you recycle, it’s a good thing. Choosing to take the bus over driving to work is helpful for the planet. Buying an energy efficient lightbulb is something we should all do.

But in last night’s climate town hall, Elizabeth Warren was right to point out a simple fact — that individualizing the climate crisis is exactly what the fossil fuel companies want us to do. They don’t want the solution to be eliminating fossil fuels altogether, they want us to think we’ll save the world by eating a little less meat.

That’s not the case. The only pathway to saving our planet for future generations, holding massive fossil fuel companies accountable, and creating millions of green new jobs along the way, is a Green New Deal. Help us pass it. We’re building a movement — community by community — to win powerful action on climate change. Will you chip in to join that movement? If you've stored your info with ActBlue Express, we'll process your contribution instantly:

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Multiple candidates — like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and others — got it right. Fossil fuel companies don’t get to shorten our life spans with impunity. They don’t get to destroy low-income communities without consequences.

We have to act. And the impetus for change can’t be on the average household, because they’re not the ones who did this. Companies like Exxon, who knew about the science behind climate change and deliberately hid it from us for decades, are the ones who need to change.

And together, we’re not just going to hold them accountable. We’re going to rise to the greatest challenge of our era, and we’ll come out of it stronger — by passing a Green New Deal.


Team AOC"

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