URGENT MESSAGE FOR CA VOTERS: If you’re registered under the American Independent Party, you CAN NOT vote for Bernie! Re-register (link provided) if you’re under American Independent Party of No Party Preference.

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Register or re-register here!!!

If you're under the American Independent Party, you're affiliated with an extreme right-wing third-party (just take a look at their website) and you WON'T be able to vote for Bernie in the primaries. The American Independent Party boasts how they're the fastest growing political party in California, that's because 99% of the people joining are joining under the misconception that it's the same as being an independent. It's NOT! If you registered for this party, re-register as a Democrat AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you're a No Party Preference voter, I urge you to change affiliation to the Democratic Party. If you vote by mail, you have to request a Democratic ballot by emailing or calling the Clerk County (if I remember correctly), but to avoid the hassle, just re-register as a Democrat. If you hate the idea of voting for a Democrat, just register as a Democrat in time for the primaries and re-register to a different party after the primaries. Don't let your ego and pride change the results of this extremely important (if not one of the most important) races of the primary!

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