UPDATE 44/56 states done! – LF Volunteers

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Hey there I work with and we are always looking for more volunteers in any regard.
We are currently looking people to help with research, social media, graphic design and outreach.

The most important task needing help with at the moment is researching and verifying info from all states.

We currently have 44 / 56 states / territories research 99.9% done!
Plus if you, or anyone you know, has any questions about their State Primary or Caucus we most likely have all the answers and will help in any and all ways we can.
Please if you're interested in volunteering some time or want/need any help please contact me here or at:

[email protected]
You can also check out my last reddit post on /r/sandersforpresident

Thanks again, Paul

I have also made a discord server for everyone who'd like to join in!

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