Voting for Bernie in California.

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Back in 2016, I voted for Hillary Clinton because Bernie Sanders faced an uphill climb due to superdelegates and coming up short in the delegate count. Now this time I am going to vote for Bernie because I genuinely do believe he has a good chance of defeating Donald Trump. To be honest, policies do not matter to me at this point. I just want the BEST candidate to defeat Donald Trump. To beat Donald Trump would mean the Democrats must take back to the Rest Belt states. Bernie can definitely appeal to voters HRC couldn't, and win back Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Trump cannot win no matter what if Bernie locks up the Rust Belt states.

While I do not believe Bernie (or any Dem for that matter) will win in a landslide, I do think Bernie is the only candidate who can ensure Democrats win the Electoral College. Biden's campaign has little to no energy, and I fear another 2016 repeat should he win the nomination.

So enough of my rant. I am voting for Bernie in the California primary. I hope he wins the first few states to keep the momentum going into Super Tuesday! Gonna try phonebanking tomorrow. I will do whatever I can to help Bernie.

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