We have every reason to be optimistic

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I know it can be frustrating to see poll results, which even though they may not reflect things perfectly, they are a good indicator to go by.

Most of you know this, but sometimes we need a reminder: These polls are on likely voters- it is up to us, especially the youth, to go out and vote in unprecedented levels. Bernie brings out the best in people, he energizes all of us. He motivates us to fight.

With everything else in politics, it is so incredibly tiring to see sub-optimal movement on top of it all. Dont let this demotivate you- be optimistic, it will only help our cause. This is a fight. This is a movement. We have to act. If we are to reform the DNC and the rest of the country we have to do all we can and that optimism will keep us going and motivate those that we talk to- be it while volunterring or through your friends.

I am confident we will win this. Iowa is getting closer and closer, we will show the world what we can accomplish!

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