We know Bernie will remain above the fray. It’s our **responsibility** to destroy our opponent’s campaigns and credibility with the electorate.

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We'd like to think 2020 will be easier for Bernie because he now has name recognition, is still the most well liked politician in the country and his policy agenda has been forced into the mainstream. But superdelegates still exist and they'll decide the election if Bernie doesn't win 50% +1 of the vote in the state primaries/caucuses. If it goes to the supers, we lose. It doesn't matter if Bernie wins 45% of the vote and everyone else gets less than 10%. We will be overridden by the supers and so we can't afford to let the vote go to a 2nd round.

Preventing the superdelegates from voting means absolutely crushing our opponents and winning the primaries in a landslide of at least 50% +1 vote. Achieving 50% with only 2 people running (like 2016) is unavoidable. But the establishment is flooding 2020 with fake progressive candidates to try to dilute the vote to make sure that nobody gets 50% so their superdelegates get to pick another corporate Democrat (likely Kamala Harris) as the nominee.

We face many obstacles. The Democratic Party is against us. The mainstream media is against us. We'll have to deal with more "ballot shortages" in Bernie strongholds, surprise rule changes that hurt us and help the corporate candidates, voter suppression and other election rigging by the Democrats. So we need to be willing to take the gloves off and ruin our opponents by incessantly digging into and exposing their actual records and inconsistencies. We don't need to lie and smear like they do to us. We have facts on our side. We just need to get them out there 24/7 because nobody else is going to do it for us. We can't play nice with our opponents. Just to be clear, not playing nice doesn't mean playing dirty but it does mean going for the jugular.

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