We must prepare for what Obama is cooking

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Hey guys, as many as you all have heard Obama is already playing the influence game to hurt Bernies chances. The establishment is ready to throw everything they have and if what we saw Yesterday about him and Warren is true, Obama contacting donors and telling them they should get behind her instead of falling behind old men. They are going to desperately run to support her. If thats the case, it is going to be a challenge. This is what might happen.

Obama might endorse, or he might just push his people to do so, which he already did. But we could see big names like both Clintons, HRC met with Warren a while back. So if that happens expect a wave of establishment figures to endorse her on mass. And this could happen worst case scenario on the week of the Iowa caucus or Super Tuesday.

We have to be ready. What can we do? We start with our family and those of whom we have managed to push into Bernies direction. We cant allow them to leave. Stay strong on social media, stay strong with phone banking. Content creators, make videos, graphics animations, whatever is posible to keep Bernie being the narrative. Reach to everyone you can. Because if those endorsements do come, and Im sure they will they will be very influential. We need to be ready. Obama is very well liked. This is very important we are on a great position right now. But this could be a game changer. And I would never forgive Obama if he plays that card.

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