We need Bernie’s Medicare for all.

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Every single day I watch my boyfriend suffer in excruciating pain due to his teeth. His wisdom teeth are coming in, he has cracked and chipped teeth that have gotten infected and cause him pain every day. He had to move out of his mothers house at 19, and in doing so got kicked off her insurance. Now he works at a job where his insurance doesn’t pick up for 8 more fucking months. We’re young, and broke, and I have to watch him suffer because we can’t afford to get him the help he needs. I know many people have died due to a lack of medicare for all and inability to get the healthcare they need. And I know we are one of the lucky ones, that his life is probably not threatened by this. But it pisses me off to no end that this is AMERICA in 2020 and people have to suffer like this because they can’t afford what is a basic human right. We need Bernie Sanders medicare for all, not any other politicians half assed cop out healthcare plan. My boyfriend and I will be at the polls in March. It’s the first election I can vote in. I helped to start a students for Bernie organization at my campus, with about 25-30 members as of our first meeting. I will be doing everything I possibly can to get this man elected, and I hope you will too.

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