We need to create a regularly updated storage area on this sub for quotes and figures that support our argument

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Frequently, when I form arguments for Bernie during conversations, I mention statistics and info that my unwittingly msm watching friends have never heard of. They ask for proof which puts the onus on me to deliver. Why don’t we create a section on this sub that houses the latest and greatest data that supports Bernie. We could include info like a link to that cnn Monmouth bogus poll that didn’t sample anyone under 60 or something. We could have graphics showing the voting record of Bernie compared to biden. And we could include biden gaffes like him saying that pence is a decent man and that Cheney is a good guy. Or his best one: I have no empathy for millennials.

TLDR: we need a depository on the sub with easily accessible material to back up the arguments that bolster Bernard including Biden’s “I have no empathy for a whole voting demographic” and the cnn poll that literally didn’t sample ANYONE younger than a boomer!

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