We Need Your Help!

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We Need Your Help!

With less than 30 days to Iowa, we're making a final push to reach voters! I'm a professional video editor producing a hype video for Bernie, and I NEED YOUR HELP.

The video will make a last minute push to raise awareness of the Bernie Blackout and highlight the strengths of our campaign, including major endorsements, record-setting grassroots campaign donations and rally attendance, and spread awareness of the broad popular support of Bernie's leading campaign issues.

This is OUR campaign, so I want to feature you! If you're looking for one more way to help the campaign, please send a video or audio of you, your family or fellow Berners reading the script below to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

To make this video work, we'll need:

• Plenty of supporters reading the script (feel free to add your own lines!)
• Anyone willing to share their reasons for supporting Bernie, including medical bills or student debt
• Your favorite Bernie Blindness moment
• One sentence describing why you support Bernie for Pesident

Thank you!

”Our Revolution will not be Televised“
The revolution will not be televised.
The revolution will not be brought to you by CNN, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC (or Fox News),
By landline-only polls,
Disinformation campaigns [poll numbers switched]
Or zero information campaigns [PBS special omission].
The revolution will not be covered by your health insurance provider.
You will not select the revolution in the healthcare “marketplace”
Because it is currently unavailable.
The revolution will not be powered by ExxonMobile, fossil fuel executives or algae [exxon commercial posturing as a leader in green tech].
The Revolution will not be right back in 2024 or 2028 or 2088 when the kids finally vote for basic human rights instead of
Inequality For All Who Want It.
The Revolution is now.
The revolution will not spend trillions of dollars on endless, unwinnable wars. [Bernie against Vietnam. US goes to Vietnam.]
The revolution will not spend trillions of dollars on endless, unwinnable wars. [Bernie against the war in Iraq. US goes to Iraq. Leaked article says we didn’t have the “foggiest notion” of what we were doing there.]
The revolution will not spend trillions of dollars on endless, unwinnable wars. [Bernie campaigning against war with Iran. Headline features Trump initiating troop drawdown, Trump brings us to the brink of war, sends thousands of troops to the Middle East]
The revolution will not be financed by Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns, the Lehman Brothers, or your landlord.
The revolution will not be paid for by shadow SuperPACs or healthcare industry cartels.
The revolution will not be endorsed by this billionaire [pundit], this billionaire [Tom Steyer], this billionaire [Michael Bloomberg], or this [Donald Trump saying “motherfucker”] billionaire.
The revolution will not charge interest. [contributors show their student loans, student debt and interest rates: 4.7% student interest, 6.8% interest, 7.9% interest]
The revolution will not offer one month free.
The revolution will not send you to jail [mass incarceration] – it’ll send you to college,
And yes, you can bring pot [Bernie will legalize marijuana].
The revolution will not be televised
Because the revolution will be in the streets.
The Revolution is [contributers list their occupations: nurses, teachers, etc]
The Revolution is more than 5 million individual donors strong
And 0 billionaires [Bernie returns a billionaire donation].
The revolution is a majority of ALL Americans [70%] who want Medicare for All
2/3 of ALL Americans who want a $ 15 minimum wage
77% of ALL Americans who want to get corporate money out of politics.
The revolution, Our revolution, Will not be televised.
Our Revolution will be live.
Not me. Us.

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