Well you Berniecrats, you really did it this time

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You finally convinced me to vote for Bernie!

Maybe this post is a little bit of political catharsis, but I just wanted to finally admit it. Admittedly, I am not as progressive as Bernie Sanders or probably even most of you, but after my first candidate dropped out, I realized that I was not satisfied with my second choice of Joe Biden. I'm concerned with electability, but I'm not confident with Biden anymore and Bernie WINS against Trump in polls (not to depend too much on polls). And aside from electability, I'm just so done with the status quo. People are dying. With a movement like ours at the bottom and a person like Bernie at the top, we're going to change the structural problems of this nation. I want to thank my friend, a steadfast Bernie supporter who has been prodding me on my political stubbornness for a year and a half now, and I want to urge all of you to be like him. Keep talking to your friends and family. Tell them why you support Bernie because if I can switch, so can they. I'm the political director of my school's College Democrats club, so I'll be working on that from my end.

Anyways, that's all for me for now, and I hope to be getting more involved soon! We're going to do this together!

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