We’re currently at the crossroads of history.

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Today is the last day in which we reside firmly in the realm of absolute uncertainty about the results of the race. I cannot emphasize enough how important tomorrow is for the fate of the nation, and in turn, the world. We live at that moment in history that people may look back upon as a turning point. A turning point at which a more just and equal America began to emerge. But in order for that to be the case, we NEED to win Iowa. We NEED to. If Biden loses, he's still in the race. If we lose, our momentum will drastically reduce. If you live in Iowa and know a few people on the fence, PLEASE talk to them. We can't afford to lose, because the nation can't afford to lose. If Biden gets the nomination, we get another four years of Trump. Who knows how many more people will die due to lack of health insurance, how many more students will be laden with debt, how much more the climate crisis will intensify, how many more innocent children will lose their lives, how much more our civil liberties will be eroded, and how many more states will move to strip women of reproductive rights. Perhaps we don't really know if all this will happen just because of Iowa, but it's certainly possible. And that's why Bernie absolutely NEEDS to win. A victory for Bernie is a victory for the country, and in turn, a victory for all of us.


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