What videos should I show my parents to get them to support Bernie?

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I've talked to them about Bernie quite a bit, and they agree on virtually everything, with the one exception being abortion. We live in a southern, rural, republican state (Arkansas) which would benefit quite greatly from Bernie's policies (yet ironically opposes him). We have one of the worse healthcare systems in the country, pay is terrible, and conditions are horrible.

My mother works three jobs (two of which are on commission) and has an insane amount of student loan and medical debt, and my stepdad works a lot of overtime (maybe 70 hours a week?!). My bio dad is also disabled and barely gets by. Should note my mother voted for Trump but now dislikes him, and my bio dad refuses to even be open to the idea of voting.

Taking all of this into consideration, what do you guys think would be the best videos to show my parents, specifically of Bernie speaking?

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