When Bernie Announces The Sub Will Flood Him With Donations To Give Him The Highest Single Day Donation Total Ever, We Should Also Flood Him With Emails Proposing Policies And Strategies(Poll And Discussion Inside)

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This sub was a major powerhouse in Sanders support during the 2016 campaign. We must do even better this time.

Which policy and strategy decisions are crucial to Bernie To Become 46?(Multiple answer selection):

If you have a suggestion not in the poll post it to discuss in the comments.


I've discussed online organizing here.

I am also writing a 50 post series on electing Bernie. Posts 0 and 1 are here:

I suggest making a Twitter account so we can massively impact that platform, but be bot free in contrast to opponents like Kamala. Here is the sub official account:

Anyone who is serious about Bernie might benefit from being on Discord as well: https://discordapp.com/invite/sUQ7ssU

Paste that into your url bar.

Check out your state sub and see if its active. Links in sidebar. We should all be organizing with fellow local and state Bernie Buddies to be ready for the announcement.

I'll be attempting to make several posts in my 50 post series on various topics tomorrow for those that are interested.

Otherwise lets talk about what we as a group should agree on lobbying the campaign for. Last time major tools were built and spread by volunteers. But it took some time. We need to hit the ground running this time.

Phone banking tools Door knocking tools and organizing A minimum of one official campaign office in every single state and every city with over 100k people. There are 297 such cities in the united states. We should make an effort to have a list of every local, state, and regional Sanders volunteer group Twitter account and facebook group. The campaign should invest in the relatively cheap but highly efficiency boosting online community I discuss in a post above. Personally I think Bernie should come out publicly in the primary for structural election reform. The Democrats that oppose it wouldn't vote for him anyways. The pre-campaign appears to have already committed to hiring a young and diverse staff. As I argue in my strategy posts I think we need to be working hard in every single state. Instead of wasting resources in 2 states where Bernie spent 100 days and 40 million dollars last time we should jump ahead of the poorly funded and divided competition and be active in even late voting states from the first month after Bernie announces.

In 2016 TV and other media outlets claimed, though I don't agree it was true, that they didn't cover Bernie because he didn't drive clicks or media attention. We saw how they drove interest in Kamala so its probably a lie that they are neutral. Let's hold major state and national events constantly over the course of the campaign to force them to cover us. Bernie and the campaign could announce major first of their kind or ahead of the game policy proposals every week or so to generate discussion. There are so many major issues. Announcements on climate change, civil rights, foreign policy, structural election reform, jobs programs, national infrastructure, pushing political education into school curricula, strong educational reform policies, workers rights, unions, nationalizing the internet and/or social media, breaking up banks, breaking up other monopolies, getting back into space, but not a "space force". There are so many options. Announcing plans for specific states or regions, etc.

And if they keep refusing to cover us we will dominate social media and do livestreams. We 100% should have a nationwide event supported by a national program, 50 state programs, major urban center programs, etc and allow each watch group to pick and choose the streams they view. Candidates, issues groups, volunteer leaders, surrogates, etc can all reach a national audience. We can play streams of small groups or groups who are geographically sparse to make them feel included in the movement. People from rural Missouri or Alaska can watch a million people in the 5 boroughs and see how big the movement is.

We will have a much larger donor base, far more early volunteers, a lot more money in general. We can create so many new opportunities for volunteers and go big or go home on every aspect of the campaign. We are not underdogs. Bernie is the 1 and only front runner.

Not Him, Us.

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