Where does Sanders stand on Korea/Japan relations?

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Haven't heard him speak too much about foreign politics outside of China or the Middle east tbh. Any new links would be appreciated.

Anyhow, I have seen many of my Korean American friends be doubtful of Bernie Sanders because of his lack of discussion regarding Korea/Japan relations.

If y'all don't already know, following Japanese colonization of Korea (in which they committed thousands of war crimes that are currently still being denied by the literally imperialist Japanese PM), the two countries have maintained a fragile relationship tied together by the US and economic relations. Unfortunately, following deteriorations with the US/Korea and US/Japan relations, Korea/Japan relations have worsened as well, with a trade war occurring between the two countries since July.

It hasn't really helped that Trump has since demanded Korea to pay $ 5 billion more for the military, breaking the prior contract made, and the fact that the US has been behind the scenes supporting Japan throughout the issues. This led to many of my friends supporting Korea allying with China or the EU, and no longer considering the US its main ally.

What's Sanders' position regarding all this?

Is foreign policy, especially in Asia, a priority for Sanders? What has he talked about regarding this? What are his personal view surrounding the topic?

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