Why Bernie Sanders is the only real hope for progressive politics (and why the establishment hates him)

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A progressive agenda cannot be implemented without taking on the powerful vested interests. No matter how good the policy proposals a candidate puts forward, they are useless unless they can be enacted into laws.

Watch this recent interview with Bernie Sanders on TYT here. When asked how are you going to deal with obstruction from establishment leaders in Congress, from both parties, Bernie responded by saying he is not going to sit in the Oval office. He will be an activist President constantly campaigning across the country, particularly in the states of the Senators and House members who oppose policies like Medicare for all. He will rally the people to make sure the government is not owned by a few rich donors and build a mass movement.

Bernie is right now going to Walmart shareholders meeting to demand the employees a chair in the corporate board. He is joining striking workers across the country.

This is the main difference between him and the other candidates, even the apparently progressive ones like Elizabeth Warren. They are just running an election campaign. Remember that Obama had millions of volunteers signed up to him when he became President. But he disbanded all that organization and started negotiating with the establishment in Washington DC. The same will happen with the rest of the Democratic candidates (at least the top ones). You cannot cozy up to these bought and paid for politicians and try to bargain with them. You have to bully them non-stop, they lose all their influence and status when they lose their precious Senate and House seats, and you have to threaten them with that.

So Bernie, in contrast, is trying to spearhead a political revolution that happens through a mass movement of individual citizens, with an unprecedented participation not only in elections but through rallies, demonstrations, strikes, meetings, discussions and so on. Nobody has the experience or determination to go to the people and put the pressure of the people on political leaders to counter the effect of the establishment lobbies. This is why he is the only real hope for progressive politics at present. This is exactly the reason the establishment hates him. From his time as mayor of Burlington he never compromised on principles and fought tooth and nail for them. And this is exactly the reason everyone should stand behind him. www.mosdem.org

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