Why Sanders: The Personality Factor

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I’ve previously touched on why Sanders is uniquely electable in a race against Trump, and, therefore Democratic voters should nominate him. One of the reasons is his personality strengths.

The challenge that I have with most Democrats is their inability to speak plainly, clearly, simply and with force. These are the qualities you will want when you are dealing with a con man like Trump. They can’t be underestimated.

Sanders humor during the last debate in which he pits Biden against Buttigieg in a competition was effective at communicating thestakes while also providing how he contrasts. The Democrats need a candidate who will take Trump’s bull shit, throw it back in his face, and pivot back to the issues.

Michael Brooks of the YouTube Michael Brooks Show is fond of joking Trump would call Sanders “crazy Bernie” and one could easily imagine Sanders responding with a sarcastic smirk, “yeah, you are the model of mental health” and pivot back to why Trump behavior is a failure for the working class.

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