I’m cancelling Amazon Prime and giving that $70 to Bernie.

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I know this is a small gesture, but I've been a Prime subscriber for nearly a decade. I'm putting my money where my mouth is when it renews in a few weeks and cutting convenience to rid my conscious of giving Jeff Bezos and his disgustingly anti-far left WaPo that measly $ 70 a year, and instead giving it to Bernie.

It's been years since I've purchased anything that I've actually needed in two days, and The Man in the High Castle Season 4 isn't that important to me. I'm going to cut this habit of dopamine-fueled Amazon spending right now.

Big-tech, anti-union is not where my dollar should be going. BERNIE 2020! See you guys at the LA rally this Saturday.

edit: I've had prime so long I didn't even realize it's $ 119.00 a year now. More money for the campaign!

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Avid Bernie Sanders supporter trying to bring over Pete Buttigieg fans who abandoned Bernie after 2016

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The problem I keep running into is Pete advocates for a lot of Bernie's policy ideas, and openly admits he is a fan of Bernie and looks up to him. His supporters basically call him a young Bernie Sanders. The problem I am having is when I finally get them to admit Bernie is the best option for a truly progressive candidate, they say he is too old and they'd rather someone younger with his ideas, and say Buttigieg embodies that. Help me help Sanders. Why should American progressives back Bernie over Pete?

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I just watched the Warren townhall on CNN and compared the questions to the Bernie townhall

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  • White supremacists have become more emboldened; what are your plans to unite the country?

  • How would your administration publicly apologize to the African-American community for slavery?

  • Can you explain how "Medicare for All" would be better for workers than simply improving the ACA?

  • How did your familiy's financial problems during your childhood shape who you are today?

  • What will you do to control immigration?

  • How will you lower rents to help those who are struggling to find affordable housing?

  • How do you respond to those who think your handling of your Native American heritage was tone deaf?

  • How will you expand voting rights to the formerly incarcerated, ensure online voter registration and no-excuse early voting?

  • What is your position on impeaching Trump?

  • How would you improve the education system and also make it fair to all Americans?

  • What role does faith play in your life?


  • How will you defeat Trump if you're the Democratic nominee and will you help defeat him if someone else is nominated?

  • How would you pay for your ambitious policy ideals?

  • Do you think you'll get a fair shake in the Democratic nominating process given your history as an Indepentent?

  • When will you release your taxes?

  • Can you make a simple, persuasive case why socialism is preferable to capitalism?

  • How can Democratic voters be confident in you given your response to sexual harassment claims in your 2016 campaign?

  • If you're on the debate stage with Donald Trump, how will you engage with him?

  • Would Americans who like their private insurance be able to keep it under your "M4A" plan?

  • As president, would you meet with North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un?

  • How do you address African-American voters' concern about you?

  • Why have you stopped short of calling Venezuela's Maduro a dictator?

  • What would you do to help Washington DC voters get representation in Congress?

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