An idea for Bernie to appeal to the professional – managerial class

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Many of them are turned off by the "socialism" tag and lean Warren. If Bernie can make them realize their career objectives aren't at odds with capitalism because their presence currently yields a profit, then they might realize that others may not have the same luxury. Maybe they might even think about where that profit comes from (the working class).

It jives well with Bernie's talking point of "how we should have an economy that works for everyone".

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Polls post-debate are showing the biggest bump for our man Bernie!

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First poll from Rasmussen shows change post debate

Sanders +2.75%
Booker +1.56%
Buttegieg +1.46%
Gabbard +1.23%
Harris +1.15%
Hickenlooper +0.89%
Bullock +0.78%
Moulton +0.45%
Sestak +0.33%
Williamson +0.33%

(a few between +0.25% and –0.25%)

Klobuchar –0.33%
Castro –0.66%
de Blasio –0.67%
O'Rourke –0.89%
Steyer –1.44%
Biden –1.98%

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Can you guys please help arm me with information. I have too many family members on Facebook who are diehard trump supporters.

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Every time I go on Facebook my eyes are heavily assaulted with tons of right wing propaganda, shared by my own family. A lot of it is directed towards me since they know I like Bernie and his ideologies. I just don't understand how they can stay so solid in their choice to support Trump.

I'm the kind of guy who barely goes on Facebook at all, who never gets too deep into politics, who shys away from arguments and controversial conversations. Mostly because I'm just not good at arguing.

I'm just kind of disgusted by everything I'm seeing in politics lately and the only breath of fresh air is seeing Bernies passion.

So please help to make me good at this kind of argument. Things like "Socialism is bad, Mmmkay. Look at Venezuela…", "The economy has been booming under Trump…", etc…

Is there like an infographic or something with all of what Bernie is campaigning for? If not there should be…

Anyways, sorry for the rant. I'm just kind of fed up.

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