WWD – S01E01 – Sullivan to Flynn: “Arguably, you sold your country out.”

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Judge Sullivan asks Flynn if he wished to challenge the circumstances by which he was interviewed by the FBI. “No, your honor.”

Judge Sullivan is making sure it’s abundantly clear that Michael Flynn is pleading guilty because he’s guilty. That he lied to the FBI, that he knew it was wrong to lie to the FBI.

Does he want to postpone? No. Wanna chat with your lawyers in another room? No

Judge Sullivan, question Flynn lawyer: How is raising those contentions about the circumstances under which Mr. Flynn lied consistent with acceptance of responsibility?

Judge Sullivan giving Flynn one final shot to withdraw his guilty plea. Judge asks if he wants to proceed.

FLYNN: “I would like to proceed.”

Because you’re guilty?

FLYNN: “Yes, your honor.”

Now proceeding.

Judge Sullivan: Is Mr. Flynn still cooperating?

Gov: It “remains a possibility” that he’s still cooperating.

Gov says the decision to proceed to sentencing is based on the totality of Flynn’s assistance. Has already provided “vast majority” of his potential cooperation. Highlights indictment unsealed yesterday against Flynn’s business partner.

Judge Sullivan: So Flynn could’ve also been charged in that indictment unsealed in Virginia yesterday, right? Gov: Yes.

Judge Sullivan: “Exposure to Mr. Flynn would have been significant?” Gov: Yes.

Judge Sullivan:

“This crime is very serious.”

“In the White House! In the West Wing!”

“It’s a very serious offense.”

“You can’t minimize that.”

Judge Sullivan to Michael Flynn: “Arguably, you sold your country out.”

Judge Sullivan: “I’m not hiding my disgust, my distain for this criminal offense.”

Says he can’t guarantee he’s going to avoid incarceration. Gives Flynn yet another opportunity to speak with his lawyers.

Judge Sullivan is now asking government if Flynn could have been charged under the Logan Act, or if there are any other charges that Flynn could have faced.

Judge Sullivan even asked the government whether Flynn could have been charged with treason for interfering in Russian sanctions imposed by Obama administration. Government didn’t want to go there.

They’re now taking a recess until 12:30, at Flynn’s request.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/a7cyok/judge_to_michael_flynn_arguably_you_sold_your/ec20g1t

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There are countless perspectives
A million different truths
And all the rest aren't wrong
Just 'cause one seems right to you

Yet succeeding in our world today
Means being part of the machine
That kills the poor in the name of peace
While rich men say we're free‎

Not everyone with a silver spoon‎
Can be blamed for every crime
But only con-men claim Equality‎
When most can't spare a dime

Now open hearts and open minds
Call out our fake "Democracy"‎
There's no equal representation‎
From those who charge a fee

Still they go on
Sayin' nothin's wrong

See, in corporate owned America
Desperation's driving the bus
It's programmed through TV everyday-‎
Privilege makes them safer than us

The dream we're being sold‎ right now's
That we should all be proud to be
Ignorant and violent
Swearing duopoly fealty

Still they go on
Thinkin' cruelty is strong

Casino capitalist sociopaths
Have become legitimized
Stepping on others to get ahead
Sayin' it's a "successful life"‎

But people aren't commodities
This world is not for sale
Drone wars reaping profits
Means all Wars on Terror fail

Still they go on
Teaching kids to drop bombs

Our rigged process is fascism‎
With representation for the few‎
At the expense of everybody else‎
That's the point of Red and Blue

Now our media is public relations
To confuse the struggling masses
We're all taught to blame the victims
Being kicked out on their asses

The majority stays wrong
When we're divided up like pawns
Why serve the loudest handful
When unity makes us strong?

Half of congress is millionaires
Voting to give themselves a raise
Untouched by laws they're paid to pass
While their party sponsors praise

This is America today
Land of hypocrisy
Where speaking truth
Means we're at odds‎
With the 1%'s reality

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