Many come to r/SandersForPresident to ask “What is so special about Sanders? Why not ? Here is my answer.

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I wrote this as a comment in response to a Warren supporter. Since I put the time into typing it out, I decided to put it here as its own post.

I don't think Warren is insincere and I have a lot of respect for her.

In the world that existed before 2015, when I wouldn't have imagined that Sanders would nearly win the nomination in 2016 and be a strong candidate in 2020, outcomes that would seem from that time's perspective solidly in the "beyond my wildest dreams" category, I would have considered Warren a tremendous candidate and thrown all of my support behind her.

In this world, with Sanders in the race, and his 2016 candidacy having literally and single-handedly blown open the door for hers, not so much. Let me put it this way, if I were to rate the candidates on a scale of 1-100, Bernie would be a solid 92, all of the other candidates range from 2-4 say, except the zeros. In that context, Warren is a 38. Miles above the others. But we have Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in this race who has fought for these ideas for four decades, as mayor, as congressman, and then as senator. Four decades with a trail of video clips going all the way back, showing his sincerity, his clarity, and his consistency regardless of those ideas' popularity at the time. In the 90's, when the Democratic Party became the "pro-business" thing that it is now and renounced its heritage as the party of FDR and the New Deal, Bernie was objecting and fighting for the very same principles he's fighting for now.

What has he won for this 40 year struggle? Democrats and their media would have us forget how absurd the idea of Medicare for All was in 2015, how completely out of left field, how laughable. They would have you forget that a candidate like Warren would not and could not get far pushing such an idea. It took a candidate who had fought uncompromisingly for forty years, who was accustomed to being belittled, ignored, and accused of socialism, that theoretically worst of American crimes, who had turned that epithet around and worn it as a badge of honor, to turn it all around.

So, suddenly, four years later, the Democrats come back and say, having seen the "talking point" "Medicare for All" "polling well" "We love Medicare for All, here are three or four candidates saying 'Medicare for All'! See? Bernie ain't so special!"

Now I'm not saying that Warren is one of those candidates but she sure is benefiting from this phenomenon instead of having chosen to throw her support behind the movement's leader. Just as she didn't endorse Sanders in 2016 before her state's primary, (which ended a tie by the way) because she, like everyone else, knew that Clinton would be the president.

And that makes her a 38 and no 92.

Everyone in the media likes to talk about all the plans. Is Elizabeth's as good as Bernie's and so on and so forth, while ignoring the obvious fact that nobody's plan is ever passed. What does get passed is a giant endless compromise between a huge array of forces. Bernie's plan, Warren's plan, some other guy's plan, it will all change under the pressures of reality.

So the real question is who is going to fight the hardest and the most stubbornly, with the most knowledge and effectiveness, with the most sincerity and clarity, for the absolute most that the working people of this country can wrest from the powers that be. That person, and he has proven it again and again, is Bernie Sanders.

Warren is already fudging about how she will pay for Medicare for All, inventing plans where she doesn't have to tell the truth, that taxes will have to go up, mostly on the rich and corporations, but on most everyone, to pay for something like Medicare for All. Now she's talking about the "transition" plan and we haven't even gotten to the first primary yet. What will be left when she's president and sitting with Nancy Pelosi and whoever the Senate Majority Leader is and all of the healthcare and insurance interests in the oval?

And she's the one I respect.

Even if Sanders or Warren win, the achievement of real structural change in the tax code and Medicare for All will remain incredibly unlikely. Incredibly unlikely. What is important is not the neatest plan, (which Bernie has anyway) but the strongest, most experienced fighter. Because that's all it will be for four and eight years, a fight, with Republicans, insurance companies, ceo's sure, but with Democrats too. Bernie is the fighter in the best position to negotiate for real change.

Bernie Sanders is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

tl;dr: Bernie is the fighter we need now. Bernie is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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A methodical analysis of why Bernie is better than Warren on Medicare For All

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1) Bernie does better than Warren in most general election (GE) polls. He's more likely to win a general election

2) Bernie does better in GE polls because he attracts more independent voters and traditional non-voters in the young and working classes

3) As a result of #2, progressives will have better down ballot success in the 2020 primaries and Democrats will have better down ballot success in the 2020 general election if Bernie is the nominee.

Summary 1-3

Progressives will be represented better in the next Congress as a result of a Sanders nomination.

4) Sanders will have his allies introduce MFA legislation early in his first term to allow the opponents to be publicly identified.

Under Warren's plan the opponents will be able to hide until after the 2022 midterms.

5) Public identification of the opponents will enable progressive activists to focus their efforts and provide a lead time to field strong challengers in the 2022 midterms.

6) A President Sanders will be able to use the power of the Executive Branch to twist the arms of the opponents and horse trade for MFA votes.

A Senator like Joe Manchin might not be inclined to support MFA due to his big pharma donors, but those aren't his only donors. When Federal agencies under a Sanders administration fail to execute contracts which start impacting a broad array of the donor class, some opponents are going to blink.

(Sorry to the purists, Bernie is going to play hardball and make some concessions to the donor class in order to achieve larger goals)

7) It goes without saying that Sanders engages a much larger and more activist following than Warren.

The Organizer in Chief will have more people engaged in the political process pushing the change.

Overall Summary – MFA is easily the most effective and logical approach to health care in the US. The only reason we don't have it is due to the power of the corporate health lobby. That lobby will not allow anything leading to their demise to pass. The only way to stop them is to defeat them politically in a head to head confrontation.

We can't kick that confrontation down the road. Bernie has done an amazing job selling the public on MFA the last 4 years and we need to keep the foot on the gas pedal.

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