How many are returning here now after 2016 n??

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This sub needs to be alive. The movement needs to have the same passion it had 4 years & honestly it is not there.

We need more active participation from everyone.

So can people start sharing their stories about 2016/How active & involved you were ?

Did you think you will come back? When did you come back & are you ready for the political revolution?

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The question is not “do we want Bernie to run again?” The questions are “which candidate will fight for medicare for all, $15/hr min. wage, tuition free college, a green new deal, affordable housing and to end legalized corruption allowed by citizens united?” That candidate is Bernie. #Bernie2020

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The question is not "do we want Bernie to run again?"

The question is not "which candidate is young enough or charismatic enough?"

The question is not "who looks better on camera?"

The question is which candidate has been consistently fighting without fail for the issues that are vital to the future of our country?

That candidate is Bernie.

He will never stop fighting for medicare for all. He will never compromise on $ 15/hr min. wage. He will not stop until all students, regardless of their family's income, have the opportunity to attend a public university so that they can achieve the success that they dream about.

Bernie has proven throughout his career that his vision and principles will not be compromised.

He is worthy of the democratic nomination for President.

Let's get it done, y'all. Time to get to work.

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What is the 30 Democratic members tour to Puerto Rico sponsored by Bold PAC?

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I see conflicting reports about it that say it is sponsored by corporate lobbyists and that this is a paid vacation for democratic corporate politicians and their families under the guise of Hurricane Maria cleanup and there are several lobbyists in the group.

Others like seem to paint a more rosy picture and downplayed the lobbyists, partying and families being present:

Has Bernie expressed any opinion on this?

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If you were underwhelmed by yesterday’s event, don’t despair. You can lead the charge in your town.

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First, I want to thank Organizing for Bernie for spearheading this early pre-campaign, bringing in new volunteers, getting experienced volunteers active again, and driving momentum for Bernie.

With that said, most of our signups no-showed due to weather and we were left with a small core group of experienced 2016 volunteers who didn't need the 45 minute recap of why we support Bernie, so the decision was made to tune out and get to work locally. The great thing about a bottom-up movement is that each location has the power to do what works best in their situation.

Once the video was off, we set an agenda. Monthly meetings, contacting and recruiting volunteers, canvassing, phonebanking, textbanking, making our movement more sustainably diverse, identifying and running precinct captains in the party, supporting local candidates and initiatives in 2019, and more. It's a lot, but together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

So, if you're feeling like the call to action wasn't quite right for your local progressives, say something! Get everyone together in a Facebook group or Slack channel or just a group text and decide on how you will organize locally, and share your results here so we can continue learning from each other.

With these thoughts in mind, here's some proposed next steps which may or may not apply to you. Take what you want and ignore the rest:

  • Follow your state subreddit (from the sidebar)
  • Create a space for your local Bernie group to have ongoing, asynchronous conversations (Facebook group, Slack channel, etc.)
  • Invite every local supporter you know to that conversation and share it in local Bernie 2016 social media groups
  • Learn how to respond to common Bernie-related myths and criticisms from friends and family in a helpful way — it may not convince the person making the comment, but others are listening
  • Participate here! Lurking is a start, but we want to hear from you.
  • Set a meeting for one to two months from now and create an agenda for that meeting
  • For your meeting, create a few calls-to-action that are achievable:

Here's a few suggested calls-to-action for your local groups:

  • Bring two people into the group or channel to become volunteers
  • Pledge to run for precinct committee at the next opportunity
  • Make a donation to the campaign on launch day

Beyond all those things, one final piece of advice:


That's one of the reasons this subreddit is here. Organizing may sound easy until you get started. You'll run into roadblocks. Someone here will have already encountered these roadblocks and will gladly help you.


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