Help Justice Democrat Brent Welder raise enough money to fund digital ads ahead of his primary!

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Email from Brent Welder:

If I’m going to be transparent with you, it’s important to me to tell you when we hit our budget, and when we don’t. As you know, we have been spending aggressively to make sure our progressive message gets out to as many voters as possible, and to pay for literature, meals, etc., for all of our hundreds of amazing new volunteers. In fact, as of Monday night, our account was virtually empty.

Tomorrow we need to wire out another $ 40,572 to finish paying for our tv and digital ads through election day (you have to do this several days before they actually air). Yesterday, your generous response raised us $ 19,338 – leaving us $ 21,234 short.

The good news: If we can match what we raised yesterday (plus a little more frankly) then we will be able to stay on track with what we think we need to win this race. Obviously we’ll continue to have other campaign costs associated with our big GOTV/field operation, but this bill tomorrow represents the biggest chunk left for us in this primary.

Even this will not get us as many ads as those being bought by the “Super PAC” multi-millionaire funding our opponent’s campaign – but it will get our progressive message out. I firmly believe it’s the winning message, and I know you agree. I don’t accept corporate PAC money – but I have YOU (and I wouldn’t trade that for the world!!)

You already know that the eyes of the nation are watching. We’ve now had over 22,000 donations in this campaign, and every single one adds up tremendously. I know I’ve asked so much of you recently, and throughout this campaign. But we’ve come this far and if we’re going to win we need to finish this off right. If you can afford to, can you donate again to our cause? It would mean the world to me, our campaign, and the progressive movement nationwide. And most importantly, to the millions who need Medicare for All, a $ 15 minimum wage, and need our help to wrestle their voice back from the Wall Street billionaires.

You can make your donation at this link:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


P.S. This is a grassroots driven campaign. Whether you can afford to donate or not, and no matter where you live, please continue volunteering, it's more important now than ever!

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Tennessee Primary – Our first primary in August is Tomorrow (Tuesday August 2nd)

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Tennessee primary (Thursday, August 2)

The first primary in a busy month (August) is tomorrow in Tennessee. Note that Tennessee has partially open primaries, which means that voters will be asked which party's primary they want to vote in, when they get to the polls.

Below are candidates from our BKAS series that have progressive values. In general, the list contains candidates who have Bernie-like positions – Medicare-for-All, increased minimum wage, getting money out of politics, free college tuition, etc. However, not every candidate may support every position Bernie has. If you don’t know the candidate, check out their linked webpage. If you are not comfortable voting for any of these candidates, you can find others running in these races listed on the Green Papers or Ballotpedia for US Senate, Ballotpedia for US House or Ballotpedia for Governor. Also, here is the link to the BKAS post on Tennessee – Tennessee, but note that they were written way back in mid-October of 2017 and candidates have changed since then. Check the Green Papers or Ballotpedia links above for the most up-to-date list of candidates in your district. The list below includes candidates that have declared since that original Tennessee posts was made.


Mezianne Payne supports her own form of universal healthcare ( though I’m not really sure how viable her plans are), medical marijuana and 2 years free community college or technical education. Chad Riden is a progressive independent candidate.

US Senator:

John Wolfe. Though he is something of a perennial candidate, he supports Medicare-for-All, raising the minimum wage and reining in Wall Street.

US Representatives:

TN-01: Martin Olsen is the only Democratic candidate. He says “A goal of universal healthcare access for all Americans will require a responsible search for new methods and processes”.

TN-02: Joshua Williams is a Democratic candidate that supports Medicare-for-All. Marc Whitmire is a BrandNew Congress Candidate, who is a progressive Republican running as an independent candidate. Whitmire will NOT be on the Republican primary ballot (since he’s running as an independent), but you will be able to vote for him in the general election in November.

TN-03: Danielle Mitchell (BrandNew Congress candidate)

TN-04: Mariah Phillips or Steven Reynolds. Both support Medicare-for-All. Also, independent Mike Shupe has quotes from Bernie and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on his Facebook page (but I couldn’t really find his platform).

TN-05: Incumbent Jim Cooper has co-sponsored HR 676 (Medicare-for-All), though otherwise he is a very conservative Democrat. There is no progressive running in this race.

TN-06: Independent Lloyd Dunn seems the most progressive choice.

TN-07: Justin Kanew

TN-08: John Boatner is the only Democratic candidate with a website. None of the Republicans or the one independent are at all progressive, so Boatner is probably your only choice if you’re a progressive in this district.

TN-09: Incumbent Steve Cohen is progressive and one of the original co-sponsors of Medicare-for-All when the legislation was first introduced.

Secretary of State: The Secretary of State in Tennessee is elected by the General Assembly (State Senate and State House). The next Secretary will be chosen in 2020.

State Senate: Here are links to the candidates, but I haven’t had time to research them, so you’ll need to do your own research.,_2018

State House: Here are links to the candidates, but I haven’t had time to research them, so you’ll need to do your own research.,_2018

Local Judges:,_2018

Local ballot measures:,_2018_ballot_measures_in_Tennessee

School boards:,_2018

Municipal elections:

Davidson County:,_Tennessee_(2018)

Shelby County:,_Tennessee_(2018)

Nashville Mayor:,_Tennessee_(2018)

Finally, I may have missed some candidates, so if anyone else knows of a good progressive I’ve left off this list, let me know.

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Registered to vote in NY 3x… Still not registered… What am I supposed to do about this?

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I registered online, but I got an error saying I didn't populate some field, which I did.

So I registered when I changed my address via USPS… Still not registered.

So I registered when I went to the DMV to renew my license… STILL NOT REGISTERED.

Board of Elections says I never registered… What the fuck?

What can I do to ensure I am registered and can exercise my constitutional right to vote? This is a travesty…

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