The “Hardcore” Bernie this time around is so different from 2016. He isn’t playing. He is in it to win it all!

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I really think his team this time around is much better. Faiz Shakir, David Sirota et al, are fighters. He is getting good advice.

Now, when I look back in 2016, Symone D Sanders, and Tad Devine were really bad for Bernie. The exception was Jeff Weaver. He was really all in for Bernie. Not so much the other ones. To them, it was just money. Yeah, Tad Devine produced some good ads but that's it. He made a lot of money out of it.

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Can a fiscal conservative and mostly liberal social issue voter feel the Bern?

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Bernie is the only honest politician out there as far as I’m concerned. I want to vote for him. I’m a lifelong republican. I want health care for all, I want someone to tell me why college costs $ 200k at best without blaming big companies, i want honesty on these issues. It’s not the loan company that sets tuition. I want someone to tell me why having an open boarder is preferred by the Chamber of Commerce and the left and how that could possibly help the working poor and the middle class. I haven’t heard how it does nor do I believe it does. I want someone to go to the poor white areas of middle America and the black areas of the inner city and the south and explain why they have more in common with each other than they want to admit. I want someone to be honest and go to the liberal northeast and mid-Atlantic and tell them their neighborhoods are far more segregated than the south and Texas because it is.

I want someone to make a case that clean air, clean water, open space and new energy technology can be accomplished beyond the politics of division.

I want someone to explain that my tax dollars will be spent judiciously and we won’t continue with spending into oblivion. That there is a goal, that we can afford it and if it fails, will take responsibility.

I want someone to say we’re taking our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria and Europe because we will not be in war forever. I want someone to stand up to the military industrial complex and not be afraid to say, we can’t build a free nation from 5000 miles away for people that are unwilling to fight for it themselves. This is something that neither party has ever tried.

Is Bernie my candidate? Am I an idiot?

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How to responsibly finance Medicare for All.

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Here’s one way Medicare for All could be financed. Let’s go to the year 2017. The U.S spent $ 3.5 trillion on healthcare in 2017. $ 1.5 trillion of that $ 3.5 trillion was financed by the federal government.


This means for that year, we would have needed to raise $ 2 trillion in new taxes to have financed Medicare for All at those current spending levels since the $ 1.5 trillion in existing spending would be incorporated into the single-payer system.

Here are some revenue streams below that would have raised $ 2.0491 trillion in 2017.

• ⁠$ 390 billion could be raised a year from a 7.5 percent income-based health care premium paid by employers. An employer’s first $ 2 million in payroll would be exempt from this premium protecting small businesses throughout the country.


• ⁠$ 350 billion could be raised a year from a 4 percent income-based premium paid by households making above $ 29,000. Meaning this 4% tax would only apply to every $ 1 a household makes over $ 29,000.


• ⁠$ 275 billion could be raised a year by implementing the following progressive wealth taxes:

— 2% wealth tax on Americans with $ 50 million-plus in assets. — 3% wealth tax on Americans with 1 billion-plus in assets.


• ⁠$ 240 billion could be raised a year by implementing a tax on Wall Street speculation (0.5% tax on stock market trades, 0.1% fee on bonds, and a 0.005% fee on derivate trades).


• ⁠$ 229.5 billion could be raised a year by returning to FY2014 discretionary military spending (2019: 750 billion. 2014: $ 520.5 billion. 750-520.5=229.5).


• ⁠$ 190 billion could be raised a year by reversing the Trump Tax Cuts.


• ⁠$ 180 billion could be raised a year by implementing the following progressive marginal income tax rates (These are for single-filers. It’d be double this for married couples):

— 40 percent on income between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000.

— 45 percent on income between $ 500,000 and $ 2 million.

— 50 percent on income between $ 2 million and $ 10 million. (In 2014, only 136,000 households, the top 0.1 percent of taxpayers, had income between $ 2 million and $ 10 million.)

— 52 percent on income above $ 10 million. (In 2014, only 16,700 households, just 0.02 percent of taxpayers, had income exceeding $ 10 million.)


• ⁠$ 134.6 billion could be raised a year by taxing capital gains and dividends at income tax rates.


• ⁠$ 60 billion could be raised a year by eliminating the pass-through deduction.


As long as the economy continues to grow, most of the revenue streams above will continue to increase, which means there’s a good chance the revenue streams will match or be near the $ 32 trillion cost in new federal spending over 10 years that most studies have determined is needed to fully pay for Medicare for All.

Also, know the above is all assuming there’s no reduction in per capita healthcare spending at all. If the federal government reduces reimbursement rates for: medical devices, prescription drugs, and general care, as well as having $ 100’s of billions in savings from administrative costs that offset increased healthcare demand spending, that will result in less healthcare spending per capita; meaning, we wouldn’t need a revenue stream or two that was outlined in the scenario above if per capita cost of healthcare is substantially lowered.

No one has the perfect answer since the numbers are always changing and healthcare is so complicated in general; however, Medicare for All can be done in a reasonable way. Every other industrialized country has pulled this off in some form or another. The U.S can, too.

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Why Bernie Sanders over Warren/Harris?

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Not trying to get my opinion swayed as I am all for Bernie. I am asking if there is any good sources as to why Bernie is the right choice for 2020? I know Harris has a history of being pretty right-wing on crime and Warren is just economically progressive as a facade. Is there a good list anywhere that I could use to educate myself for talking points when people tell me they prefer Harris/Warren (Usually because of identity politics, unfortunately)?

TL;DR Looking for a list/compilation of reasons not to vote for them

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Minnesota Berniecrat Running for Congress in Minnesota’s 4th district “Saint Paul”

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Minnesota Berniecrat Running for Congress in Minnesota's 4th district "Saint Paul"

I need help from Bernie Sanders supporters like you in the fourth congressional district. You have an opportunity to support a progressive in next year’s congressional primary August 11th 2020. Unlike our incumbent, I will not accept donations from the military industrial complex or their investment firms, and I will not run with a PAC. Bernie said it will take a movement, let’s make it happen.

Hello I am David Sandbeck, I support Medicare for all, public financing of elections, challenging the military industrial complex, ending regime change wars, student debt forgiveness, tuition free public college, and paying for it by repealing 40 years of voodoo economics that exacerbated wealth inequality. Go to, and learn about supporting a progressive agenda. Help me champion a progressive platform in the 4th congressional district of Minnesota by caucusing 2.25.2020 on the issues.

I need your help to deliver a competitive primary August 11th 2020 by becoming a delegate at the district caucus, and nominate me for DFL party endorsement. Betty McCollum was a Hillary super delegate and ignored the voice of our district. Now you can withhold the party endorsement from her, by caucusing and becoming a delegate all the way to the district caucus. You might even make it to the national convention in Wisconsin next year if you wanted to. Help me earn the party endorsement, and with your help there will be a competitive primary. Even if there is no endorsement, it will show our incumbent we are serious about a progressive agenda. It all starts at the precinct caucus FEB 25th 2020.

Also, please nominate my campaign to be endorsed by Justice Democrats as soon as you can, I need your help.

I can provide you my answers to the justice democrat’s online nomination questions but you can make it your own. Just email me [email protected] for an answer guide. I also have short position videos on YouTube for you to consider. So please subscribe to the Sandbeck for Congress YouTube channel.

There are so many ways to help, have my yard sign, let your Minnesota friends know about me. I won’t have a million dollars to spend like Betty will, but I hope to earn your trust and convince you to Caucus 2.25.2020 on the issues, then become a delegate all the way to the district caucus to nominate me for the party endorsement. You can help deliver a competitive congressional primary August 11th 2020.

Please call, Text 651-428-2736, and email me [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to let me know if I can place a sign in your yard, or if you can place one in a window? Are you willing to place flyer/door hangers In your neighborhood, Ill drop some off? You don’t even have to door knock!


Finally, I am going to create a 4th congressional district watchdog group. To keep the pressure on! No matter what happens. We are going to build a revolution. I have sent this letter to a sample of 1,000 Sanders supporters in the 4th district. To help determine if there is viability for a progressive challenger in the 4th district. Subscribe at the bottom of my website text and call me 651-428-2736. Please leave a message, I work full time and campaign so I can’t always respond in real time. The watchdog group once established will only take a few hours a month. You can even participate remotely. However to be effective, I need at least 300 members in the 4th district willing to sign petitions and with that many we can summons our congresswoman to meet with us on our terms, and send her to D.C with her our agenda!

Once elected, I will use this office, position and platform to go out and find or establish watchdog groups in every congressional district! In addition to being a progressive work horse in D.C. We can take back our government from the 1% and reform our Congress!

Learn more by visiting

Call or text 651-428-2736, even late at night. I turn off my phone when I sleep so don’t worry about disturbing me, to leave a voicemail or text! Email: [email protected]


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