How much ground did progressives gain during the 2018 primaries?

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Has someone calculated what percentage of democratic primary races were won by progressive candidates this year. I’m not just talking about the big name races that received national media coverage. I want the number to include down ballot races. Does any one have an overall estimate?

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2020 vs 2016

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With the 2020 election looming, and Bernie Sanders running as inevitable, what are your thoughts, feelings and confidence going into the next presidential election?

I remember 2016 like it was yesterday, the amount of support on this subreddit, the excitement we had for polls and the numbers coming in, and the commentary that we had on the debates, etc. It was an amazing feeling.


It was absolutely amazing the feeling that we have someone unlike any president before. Someone who isn't corrupt like the rest of them. Someone who we could call President one day.


I feel like 2020 will be extremely emotional. The united states is extremely divided.


I believe 2020 will be one for the history books.


Feel. The. Bern.

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A letter from Michael Moore and my question for the Bernie crowd

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Michael Moore [email protected]

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I ask one simple question in my new film: how the hell did we let this happen and what the hell do we do now?

This Friday, September 21, when “Fahrenheit 11/9” hits theater screens all across America, you'll see that I pull no punches while exploring these questions.

That's because we are in a state of emergency.

Democracy is not a guarantee. Freedom is not inevitable. All of the myths and heroic tales we've told ourselves about America have been exposed. The mask has been removed. And in the battle for the future of America, there is no guarantee of victory.

Hope, alone will not save us. In order to prevail, we need action.

Our Revolution has spent the last two years committed to direct action. They are building a revolution to take on President Donald Trump and the sick system that gave us him in the first place. Here's how:

  1. Creating grassroots political power with hundreds of thousands of members across the country and around the world.
  2. Organizing to vote out the political establishment and vote in the next generation of progressive leaders.
  3. Fighting for policies the majority of Americans support but are told over and over again are unrealistic – issues like Medicare for All, tuition-free public college, and getting big money out of politics.

The hard truth is that if we don't act now, we'll all be screwed. The President of the United States has no respect for the rule of law, the Constitution or even the concept of democracy itself. But neither do the corporations that are spending millions of dollars to give themselves and their rich friends trillion-dollar tax cuts. Our water, air, land – and our democracy – are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Powerful special interest lobbies push their profit-driven agendas through every level of government.

Grassroots political power is the only way forward. From Kansas to Missouri, New York to Florida, the revolution is growing – and it is not coming from the Democratic Party or from the liberal establishment. The revolution is coming from the people.

Can you help Our Revolution build this movement in our communities? Donate $ 5 today to build on their organizing efforts for progressive change.

“Fahrenheit 11/9” opens all across America on September 21. When you watch it, I hope it compels you to act. Working together, we could have a political revolution on our hands.

In solidarity,

Michael Moore

My two questions (as a nonvoter who could be swayed) are 1) what do you think of the general thrust of this email and 2) let's say you get your political revolution overnight—what does tomorrow look like?

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