The key to winning Iowa in 2020 “Democrats & frustrated independent farmers losing a buck on every bushel of soybeans they harvest because of President Trump’s trade wars… Bernie Sanders packed them in at ISU for Scholten, together they campaigned for Medicare-for-all and got cheers”

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The key to winning Iowa in 2020 "Democrats & frustrated independent farmers losing a buck on every bushel of soybeans they harvest because of President Trump’s trade wars... Bernie Sanders packed them in at ISU for Scholten, together they campaigned for Medicare-for-all and got cheers" submitted by /u/Chartis
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Proudly Making Progress: How Reddit users caused the astounding rise of r/SandersForPresident by fanning Bernie’s flames

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Feb 25th '15, Pew Research: 7/10 Reddit Users Get News on the Site: Interest in Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was clear among Reddit users well in advance of primary season

r/SandersForPresident received more than 200,000 comments overall in the three months studied, including 59,000 mentioning a candidate. Beyond generally discussing his candidacy, it also serves as a place for grassroots organizing as the banner across the top includes links for users to volunteer for Sanders, to attend Sanders events and to watch Sanders on television.

Oct 13th '15, Wired: On Debate Night, Sanders' Online Army Is Ready for Battle

on the ever-growing Sanders for President subreddit, which now has 115,000 subscribers, Aidan King and his fellow moderators will be hosting a mega-thread devoted to the debate. Other members will transcribe all the questions and answers and translate them into Spanish. King has also been working in the lead-up to the debate to encourage followers to sign up for one of 4,000 debate watch parties happening across the country. The goal is to transform people from "armchair activists" into actual activists. "That's been our biggest mission the last two weeks," says King, who helped start the Sanders subreddit, "to get people to back up their words and say, 'I'll be here on this day and I’ll volunteer and put in hours on the ground and hours at the desk.'"

Sept 2nd '15, Mic: How Bernie Sanders' Online Army Is Using Reddit to Fuel His 2016 Campaign Surge

"We work closely with those in leadership roles on the subreddit to make sure that the large audience on Reddit knows exactly how to get involved in the campaign and spread the senator's message," Kenneth Pennington, the digital director for Sanders' campaign, told Mic last week. King said he and his co-moderators exchange updates with the campaign every 7-10 days.

The first meaningful contact between the moderators and the Sanders staff came early this summer, according to King. The senator was going to Madison, Wisconsin, and hoping to make headlines.

Pennington, 24, reached out to King with a simple question: "This is the first time we've booked an event this size, and we'd love to pack the house," he said. "Can you guys help?" King assured him they would try.

"We posted a message to the community. We posted messages to various sub-communities in Wisconsin," King said. "There's a subreddit for Wisconsin Badgers, the college, so we went around to the relevant places and spread the word. The amount of energy and willingness and initiative that regular people took… They had no email from the campaign. They weren't told, 'This is really important.' They just took it upon themselves."

The rally was a turning point for Sanders. On July 1, 10,000 people filled Madison's Veterans Memorial Coliseum, making the rally the largest gathering of the 2016 cycle.

"Tonight, we have made a little bit of history," Sanders told the audience.

For the campaign, the impressive turnout in Wisconsin also presented a unique opportunity to collect more email addresses, a prized commodity in the fundraising wars. Since entering the race, the Sanders campaign says it has received donations from 400,000 supporters, who have contributed an average of $ 31 per donation.

After Madison, King said, r/SandersforPresident moderators began posting information about "the next event and the next event and the next event." Now, one of the easiest places to follow Sanders' campaign schedule is the subreddit. "I like to think that the RSVP numbers are climbing higher due to the efforts we're making," King said. He estimated a single pinned and promoted post doubles an event's exposure.

Managing the Reddit community involves responding to users' complaints while simultaneously seeking to advance Sanders' cause. In some ways, the day-to-day management is more demanding work than getting people to events.

Oct 7th '16, The Nation: These People Are the Secret to Bernie Sanders’s Success

Although he’s in regular contact with Kenneth Pennington, the Sanders campaign’s digital director, King and his fellow volunteers “don’t take orders. They don’t dictate the content, although if they want to promote an event or a particular issue, they’ll ask.

March 29th '16, Financial Times: How Reddit has boosted Bernie Sanders’ US campaign

Mr Sanders is big on Reddit. His fan base there has raised $ 2.3m for him while also engaging in digitally savvy efforts to attract voters and volunteers.

March 29th '16, Andrew Chadwick & Jennifer Stromer-Galley: Digital Media, Power, and Democracy in Parties and Election Campaigns

a surprisingly powerful force in Sanders’ campaign was Reddit, the long-established user-generated news and discussion forum. By February 2016 the “Sanders for President” Reddit contained 197,000 subscribers. “Subreddits” were set up for each U.S. state and a wiki maintained to inform newcomers to the campaign about the candidate’s policy stances. Reddit became an important node in the self-titled Grassroots for Sanders movement that overlaps with, but is not entirely subsumed by, the official Sanders campaign. This important piece of campaign infrastructure started out as a discussion thread founded by two Reddit users, Aidan King and David Frederick (Guadiano, 2015).

Feb 8th '16, NHPR: A Digital Revolution? Sanders Reinvents the Online Campaign

By September, was drawing 5 million visits per month, twice as much as Clinton’s and more than all the Republican candidates’ websites combined.

According to SimilarWeb, a company that analyzes user engagement, about a quarter of the traffic came from social media sites, with almost 40% of that share coming from Reddit.

Essentially an online bulletin board, Reddit quickly became a hub of grassroots support for Sanders. A 180,000-member subreddit, Sanders for President, organizes rallies and phone banks, registers voters and keeps supporters fired up and informed through moderated forums. Another subreddit, a “loose collective” called Coders for Sanders, has created more than a dozen web and mobile apps for the campaign. A third group built a website,, an exhaustive portal that bills itself as the “Wikipedia of Bernie Sanders, only better.”

Feb 26th '17, Inverse: How and Why Bernie Sanders Is Killing It on Reddit

This is the new model for support. If you cannot get traction or gain appeal through online application, you are dead in the water or falling behind. And I mean true traction. Trolls and shills are flushed out with alarming speed. Fact-checking and informational counter-punching are almost immediate if you have a truly activated base… This isn’t a game to us, or a hobby. We are the far-and-away leaders and have publicly maintained that growth by remaining mostly inclusive and typically constructive… Political activism and constructive discussion is beyond simply pushing a message and waiting for responses.

As we charge ahead in forging the future we believe in: A snapshot of our grassroots early growth, thanks to members like you.

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Sizing on Pirit’s Balenciaga Bernie Tee?

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for anyone who has gotten this tee from pirit, hows it sized? ive heard oversized and i prefer slightly slimmer/fitted tees – im typically a medium. im about 5'11-6'0 and 175 lbs or 180ish cm and 79.5 kg. should i go s or will i be good w an m? thx fam

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