Bernie vs the MSM 2020

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hey guys So i just wanted to chat and i wanted to see if my point of valid is pretty valid. Does this time seem different? I feel like the MSM is scared to death of Bernie 2020 and what it will hold. here are a few reasons why i think there is

  1. They are attacking and smearing him nonstop; even when he hasnt announced running.

Granted most of us think he will run considering all the planning and staff he has hired from people like AOC and everything it would be shocking. Its amazing however that Corporate media is all pointing at Bernie with smear after smear. Even this week, you have had 2 examples of Pro Hillary Women saying something regarding the NYT piece of the sexual harassment and claiming Bernie shouldnt be running after that smear piece. I feel like they are throwing everything including the kitchen sink

  1. Bernie has more Support this time.

2016 is a long time ago and people like Bernie have become more popular overtime and it shows considering alot of the other people running will probably copy and claim to support Medicare for all and others. I feel like if it were a race with Biden, Harris,Warren and Gillabrand that Bernie would still be about to get his support out. I remember there was times most people in the early part of the voting didnt know who bernie was and voted for hillary because they knew her name…..not even joking.

  1. They think he can actually win this time.

Now you will never hear this outloud from anyone in Corporate media, but you know that they are scared of this possibility. Kinda like my first point, there is a reason you are seeing all this smear pieces saying Bernie shouldnt run or his support isnt as good as it use to be. Whats even more funny is that they only show polls that only poll Old people and they point to it and say "see, bernie is 5th place so he cant win".

Let me know youre thoughts and let me know if im right or i am just stupid

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