About so called social healthcare (UK POV)

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I have got so many USA friends mostly liberal and a few trump fanatics but what really interested me that they did not really understand the true meaning of the NHS in the UK. And it seems somehow everyone from the USA has been given a very warped take on the NHS with some extreme examples and it really seems you are all being lied to.

NHS (National Heath Service) is totally free, everything if you are poor or rich. No exceptions!

You dont get second class care, you get the same care as everyone. The doctors and nurses are equally as well trained and skilled as any USA medical staff.

There are not massive wait times for doctors or operations. In the past there is the odd story of someone having to wait but these cases are so few that they are just given as examples of the norm to USA citizens when they are very rare.

Medication is £8 if you work, if you dont its free. Even that is just a piece of paper you sign to say you can afford or not. No questions asked.

So let me give you some examples of my history of the NHS. I would say im about average.

When I was 22 I had a major Ice hockey accident, bone came out of leg, had 3 operations to fix it all, my surgeon was the top in his field for these types of injuries he was even knighted a Sir. I look back on that part of my life and I had exceptional care given to me. All free.

Various medications through the years, cost £8 for a course of antibiotics etc….

Daughter had a baby recently, cost he nothing and she got second to none care. Not a penny paid.

My twin sisters when they were born had to have major heart operations. Intensive care for months as they were like 4lb heavy born. My mom (single parent and not a penny to her name) had to pay nothing. They had a team of nurses and surgeons taking care of them for months 24/7. Even had my mom staying with my sisters for months in a room near theirs and all her meals etc… free. All free.

Had a major leg infection a while back. Called doctor at 8am and he was visiting my home by 11am and by midday I was in hospital with antibiotics being fed into me.

I have a fear of hospitals and when I call my local doctor up he knows I cant visit surgery and he will come and visit that day, no questions asked, nothing extra to pay.

I hope you are seeing the pattern here. Its free for everyone and it gets paid by the Gov and with taxes we pay to them but its a fraction of your fees. The NHS is amazing and I will be forever grateful that I live in a country with that.

Until I heard from some of my USA mates that the worry and expense they have had I feel pity for them and I feel lucky to have been born in a country that treats healthcare as a basic right for everyone.

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To the Sanders supporter who is about to become a Dad, CONGRATULATIONS!

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Our (mom and I) first time phone-banking for Bernie and we just got off the phone with a supporter whose wife was in active labor. Hope all goes well and congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Have to be honest, we were a little frantic, but tried to keep calm (training doesn't prepare for this lol). It’s moments like this, though, that make it all worth it! If we fight hard enough this kid could grow up in a country where healthcare is a human right!

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Why Doesn’t Bernie Ever Talk About Mass Surveillance/Civil Liberties Anymore?

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Bernie has been a strong critic of mass surveillance in the past, voting against the (un)PATRIOT ACT and its renewal. He used to discuss his opposition to mass surveillance and abuse of privacy, both from the government and corporations.

He praised Edward Snowden for his revelations, and led a chorus of public figures calling for Obama to allow Snowden to return home and grant him some sort of clemency. (I actually think Bernie was far too harsh, but it's better than you hear from any other major politician)

"…there is no debate that [Snowden] also violated an oath and committed a crime. In my view, the interests of justice would be best served if our government granted him some form of clemency or a plea agreement that would spare him a long prison sentence or permanent exile."

Why doesn't the campaign talk about this? Not only is this an important issue to me, but it's something Americans of all stripes can agree on-progressives, liberals, centrists, conservatives and Trumpers.




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A question about Bernie’s Policy

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Does anyone know whether Bernie Sanders has made any proposals specifically for the Disabled? This would include things like improvements to pur broken (and often biased against high functional) Special Ed system, research into those conditions, and rights and/or subsidies for those individuals.

Being on the spectrum myself, this is an issue that matters to me even more than having Single-Payer healthcare. (Yes, I am aware that many of his policies have that fall under it's umbrella, like subsidized mental healthcare, but I'm looking for things directly related to that issue.)

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Question: what about existing medical debt?

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Hi- Bernie supporter here who donates because I believe in college and healthcare for all. Taxes to cover this will be way less than I (and those I know) currently pay. However, while it’s clear he wants student loans to be forgiven what about existing medical debt? And please provide credible source if possible. I checked this site but couldn’t find the details I was looking for. Thank you!

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I have a little suggestion about creating content to support Bernie’s campaign…

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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone doing work for the Sanders campaign. I think he is the most compassionate and sensible candidate running. And I think the GND is absolutely necessary to deal with a wide variety of serious problems.

That said, Bernie's support among older people is still lagging behind. I think this is largely due to the fact that older people consume more corporate media and have less ability to find information on the internet. Part of that needs to be addressed by Bernie's campaign with money spent on traditional advertising focused at older people. But, also, I think youtubers and other content creators can make content directed at older voters and then shown to those older voters by his younger supporters.

I think this would be easier for a lot of people than trying to convince grandma and grandpa with simple verbal engagement. Not saying verbal engagement is unimportant or totally ineffective, but it's not easy for everyone and sometimes older people don't give their grandkids the respect they deserve.

So I'm asking Bernie-supporting content creators to create some messages which speak to the concerns of older people and then I'm asking his other young supporters to go out of their way to share the best content with their older relatives.

We can do this! #Bernie2020

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