Who should be the journalist that has an Edward R. Murrow moment and calls Trump out on his bullshit during a press conference? Just lose it and demand to know why he can’t answer questions about the big f’n issues at hand instead of obfuscating or lying or calling it a nasty question.

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Be a martyr if they must. But explode to the point where everybody must take notice and demand answers.

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Question about the Ballot

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My husband and I voted for Bernie in IL a couple days ago. My husband isn’t huge into politics, and was straight up confused when after selecting Bernie for president, he was asked to choose up to 7 delegates. Having no idea who these Delegate people were, he left it blank. He then received an error message which notified him that he left this area of his ballot blank, which he promptly ignored before printing his ballot.

Now, I’m pained by this story, as I’m assuming that since he neglected to select Bernie’s delegates that his vote for Bernie is essentially meaningless. Does anyone know if when someone votes in this manner, if it “counts” or not?

I figured I’d make a post on this as I could imagine other, new-to-voting, individuals could be confused by this as well. Thanks!

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Primary contests are going to continue to get postponed – THE DEMOCRATIC RACE WILL LIKELY BE DECIDED ON JUNE 2. So tell everyone you know in these states about Joe Biden’s terrible record on Social Security, student loans, mass incarceration, segregation, gay marriage, Iraq War, and exporting jobs.

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Reach out to people you know in these states and tell them you want them to vote for Bernie.

Get the BERN app to help you reach out. https://app.berniesanders.com/

Click your state to find out more on where to vote

Alaska Register as a Democrat, send in your mailed ballot, or vote in person 4/4.

Connecticut Register as a Democrat by 4/23. 17 YEAR OLDS CAN VOTE. Vote 4/28

Delaware Register as a Democrat by 4/4. Request a mailed ballot here by 4/24, or vote in person 4/28.

Washington D.C. Register/Affiliate as a Democrat by 5/12. Vote early here 5/16-5/28. Vote in person on 6/2.

Georgia – Early Voting ends MARCH 20th.

Guam Vote 5/2, 10am-6pm.

Hawaii – Register, then Affiliate as a Democrat here. If you haven't received a mailed ballot, Vote in person 4/4.

Indiana Register to vote by 4/6. 17 Year Olds can vote. Vote early from 4/7-5/4 in person. Or vote in person 5/5.

Kansas Register/ Affiliate as a Democrat. 17 Year Olds can vote. Return your mailed ballot, or vote 5/2.

Kentucky Register as a Democrat by 4/20. Vote 5/19.

Louisiana Register/Affiliate as Democrat by MARCH 14th. Vote early here MARCH 21st- MARCH 28th. Vote June 20th.

Maryland Register/Affiliate Democrat by 4/7. Request a mailed ballot here. Vote early in person here 4/16-4/23. Vote 6/2.

Montana Register on site. Vote early 5/4-6/1. Vote 6/2.

Nebraska Register by 4/27. 17 Year olds can vote. Vote early starting 4/13 here. Vote 5/12.

New Jersey Register or Affiliate as a Democrat by 4/8. Vote early here 4/18-6/1. Vote 6/2

New York Register as a Democrat by 4/3. Early vote here 4/18-4/26. Vote 6/2.

New Mexico Register/Affiliate as Democrat by 5/5. Early Vote here 5/5-5/30. Vote 6/2.


Oregon Register or Affiliate as Democrat by 4/28. Send in your mailed ballot.

Pennsylvania Register/Affiliate as a Democrat by 3/29. Get your Mail In Ballot here. Vote 4/28.

Puerto Rico Vote April 26th.

Rhode Island Register to vote by MARCH 29th. Vote 4/28.

South Dakota Register by 5/18. Vote early here 4/17-6/1. Vote 6/2.

U.S. Virgin Islands Register by 5/6. Vote 6/6.

Wisconsin Vote early MARCH 24th- 4/5. Vote 4/7.

West Virginia Register by 4/21. 17 Year Olds can vote. Early vote here 4/29-5/9. Vote 5/12.

Wyoming Send this form here by MARCH 20th. Vote early here on MARCH 28th. Vote 4/4.

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Myths about concerns over Joe’s cognitive decline

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I’ve noticed a lot of questionable or false information posted here that needs to be dispelled.

Myth 1: Concerns about Joe’s declined began 2 weeks.

That’s false. Concerns have periodically come up since the summer of 2019. People are more focused on it now because we are about to nominate a guy who may be in cognitive decline.


Myth 2: Joe’s behavior can be explained in other ways.

That may be true, but so far the explanation have been spin, which is not a good sign. It’s not just the many incidents that are a red flag. It’s never a good sign in politics when a candidate is being kept out of the public eye.

For example, what explains his agitation in yelling at a reasonable voter question?


You can probably spin it , but as someone who has dealt with someone in cognitive decline, when the examples start to mount, one should at least ask and answer the question through medical testing rather than pretending the question is inappropriate.the shtick of denial only raises more red flags. Where us the evidence this testing has been done ?

Myth 3: in order for Bernie to react to this, he needs to deny any questions as a smear.

First, this flies in the face of Sanders’ position on his own health. He said that the health of a candidate is info that voters should have.

Why then are signs of Joe’s potential cognitive decline a smear if there is a pattern of strange behavior?

Why shouldn’t we as voters and citizens not ask these questions?

My view is that we deserve to know the answer based on testing Biden for his cognitive status and it’s not a smear to ask this of all our candidates.

My view is also that Bernie could simply say that questions like this are valid but should he answered through doctors.

Myth 4: Going negative by asking these questions during the primary will hurt Joe if he’s the nominee.

First, it’s clear Democrats don’t remember 2008. 2016 pales in comparison. And 2020, pales in comparison to 2016.

More importantly, now is the time vet Joe for this through medical testing rather than after Trump has run hundreds of millions in ads and free media has turned on Joe when he acts erratically in the general at some point.

Apparently, some are too young to remember Kerry. Then, as now, Democratic voters decided to take on the role of tv pundit to guess who non Democrats will vote for in the fall.

The problem with this approach is that Democratic voters suck at making this judgment. What should concern everyone is that Joe has lost independents in 13 to 16 states.

What’s going to happen when these voters realize that Joe maybe suffering from cognitive decline?

I should point out that I don’t think my concerns are being raised with Sanders by his advisors. Some of them were capitulating days ago. I think the die is cast. However, I think Joe ‘s cognitive issue will come up in the general and we will lose if they turn out to be real.

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