I need advice on voting

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For the past 2 years since coming to college, I have been a subject of voter suppression; and I don't know how to solve this problem.

While this problem isn't directly related to Bernie, I feel that I could get the most help from the people of this sub. Here's my story:

I am a permanent resident of Arizona with temporary residence here in Pennsylvania (college student). I am registered for Arizona's Permanent Early Voter List since I've been able to vote. However, Arizona does not allow me to register a temporary out of state mailing address unless I call before every election. Hence, for the past four elections, right when they sent out my ballot I have called them without fail and requested my ballot to my address in PA. EVERY election without fail, I have not received my ballot and have been unable to vote. I was planning on registering as a PA citizen for this upcoming election, but obviously with Covid, DMV's have been shut down. Does anyone know how I can avoid being suppressed this election? I'm extremely disillusioned without Sanders on the ticket, but I'd still like to put my vote forward. Any advice?

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Interested in running for Congress as a progressive Democrat representing TN-02 in 2022. Seat is currently held by Tim Burchett pending re-election in 2020. I know it’s early, but I’m looking for advice and info.

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My name is Cory, and I am looking at the possibility of running for Congress representing TN-02 in 2022. I’ve missed the deadline to run this year, but I don’t feel like I would have been adequately prepared to campaign for this election cycle at any rate.

I am 25 years old and a teacher in the district. I’ve been inspired by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez regarding their political ideologies and convictions and also their strong stance on not accepting corporate money. I am a progressive Democrat that supports Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Tuition-free Colleges and Trade Schools, Public Education Reform and Universal Child Care, and Election and Campaign Finance Reform. I want to run because I am very passionate about these issues, and I know I can have a much bigger impact in Washington than I can debating and sharing on social media.

I have no political experience and don’t really know where to begin in terms of campaigning, hiring staff, fundraising, etc. What can I be doing between now and 2022 to set myself up to be successful in my primary and subsequently in my general? I want to make sure that I am accessing the best resources and networks to put myself in a position to succeed. I feel like the stakes are high now and will be even higher in 2022 when I plan on running, so I want to make sure I am going to be in a good position when it comes closer to election time. Thanks for reading, and thank you so much in advance for your help! I look forward to working with and for you!

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I'm afraid I am not going to be able to vote in the Texas Democratic primary because I don't have a valid ID. I am unable to renew my expired Texas Drivers license because I do not have my original birth certificate or a passport. I have never had a passport, and I have only ever had a copy of State Department record of birth. It has always been accepted in the past, but now it has to be an original.

I was born in Naples Italy while my dad was in the navy, in 1973. I have no idea how I can get my hands on any documentation that will allow me to get a new ID card before March 3rd so that I can vote. I have lived in Texas since i was a few months old. I have held a Texas Driver's License since 1988.

I believe, after some research, that I can get a Consular Report of Birth Abroad from the State Department… but that is actually complicated by the fact that I now don't have a valid ID. Even in the best case, it can take 6 to 8 weeks. Am I just going to miss voting in the primary because of this?

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Postcard Advice Needed!

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Hi everyone! Long time lurker, here. I finally created an account to ask for advice on my postcard drafts! I’m a music teacher, not a writer, and would welcome any and all feedback in deciding on which postcard draft to choose!

Just for a bit of background – I’m a music teacher for grades 4-12 in a very underprivileged school district in Pennsylvania. In my first year teaching I helped negotiate a contract as the sole female and non-tenured representative of our bargaining unit. I think it’s really important to express to other union members that with M4A, all money saved “must be passed on to organized workers in the form of additional wages of benefits.” I feel like this hasn’t been expanded upon enough and it’s really important for unions to recognize that with M4A we can fight for better salaries. It’s especially important for members of poor school districts like mine that struggle with teacher retention due to low salaries and few resources.

(Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/politics/sen-bernie-sanders-changes-medicare-for-all-plan-in-face-of-opposition-by-organized-labor/2019/08/21/d8144e06-c423-11e9-9986-1fb3e4397be4_story.html%3foutputType=amp sorry, I’m new and don’t know how to do the fancy hyperlinks.)

I also wish to express that with yet another war on the horizon, I trust Sanders more than anyone because of his consistent record and morals-based approach to foreign policy. I’m having trouble deciding which draft to go with.

Enough rambling – here are my two drafts!

  1. Hello, friend! I am a music teacher for grades 4-12 in a small, underprivileged school district in Pennsylvania. In my first year of teaching I helped negotiate a contract and saw first hand how important healthcare is in an underfunded school district like mine. We struggled and fought for a very good plan at the expense of our wages and resources for our school. With Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All, our district won’t have to provide such expensive healthcare. In fact, there is a provision that states that all money saved with M4A must be passed on to organized workers in the form of additional wages and benefits! That means that we can negotiate better salaries and benefits without having to worry about the burden of healthcare! Please caucus for Bernie on February 3rd, 2020, for the rights of our workers and Medicare for All! In solidarity, (My name)

  2. Hello, friend! I am a music teacher for grades 4-12 in a small, underprivileged school district in Pennsylvania. I have been a supporter of Bernie Sanders since his run in 2016, and I believe with all of my heart that we need him now more than ever. Here’s why – Bernie is the only candidate who has a foreign policy based on morality and compassion for the human race. I trust his record – he is the only candidate who has voted no on each of Trump’s disastrous military budgets and who has voted no on each endless war we have engaged in time and time again. He led the effort with bi-partisan support in the senate to get us out of Yemen. Bernie is the only candidate that I trust to prevent yet another destructive war, this time with Iran. Please, for the future of this nation, for our children and grandchildren, caucus for Bernie Sanders on February 3rd, 2020! In solidarity, (My name)

I know they’re a little long and I’m definitely rambling. But hey, that’s what drafts are for! I welcome any and all feedback! Thanks in advance for all of your help!!!!!

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Unsolicited advice about having conversations voters who POC, LGBT, etc.

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(1) Listen and don’t down play our concerns about discrimination, entitlement, etc.

(2) Realize that intersectionality includes class struggle, but not only class struggle. It is the totally.

(3) Just because there are some black , Latino , etc in the media who ordained themselves as speakers for all people in the class, doesn’t mean we all are.

(4) if you see someone belittling or attacking a black , Latino etc , say something .

(5) Sanders advocates policies for LGBT, Latino, black , etc. not just economic ones. You should get to know some of them.

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Some math advice that may help all of you

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Hey everyone, I am leaning toward Bernie at the moment. I also hold a public office locally, and saw something interesting happen while I was running for office, and see the same thing happening now in regards to M4A, so I thought I'd drop some fairly obvious knowledge on you that may help you win and argument or sway a skeptical voter.

While percentages are generally the best way to represent numbers (because they normalize the scale) they are also hard for some people to understand, and easy for others to take advantage of.

What I'm specifically talking about is adding percentages. I don't know what the supposed added tax is for M4A, but I saw 14% on another thread, so I'm going to go with that here. The actual number is irrelevant.

As a scare tactic, people will say "You taxes will go up by 14%!!!" Now, what many, many people do in their heads is think "well shit, I already by 30% of my gross pay in taxes, so now I'll have to pay 44%!!! NO WAY!"

As I said, it should be obvious why this is wrong, but it's not to a lot of people. Of course, a 14% increase means 145 more than you're paying now. So, if you are paying 30% of your pay in taxes, a 14% increase is (30% + (14% of 30%) = (30% + 4.2%) = 34.2%

This seems stupid to some of you I'm sure, but it's real. I had a local town administrator tell the community at a public meeting that since a budget went up 7% each year, it had gone up 28%, when in reality it had gone up 31%. Using small numbers like 7% can mask the issue, because the difference really is small, but when you're talking larger numbers like 14% and 30%, as you can see above the difference in actual amounts and what people perceive can be large.

To put a finer point on it, take a person that makes $ 75k/year. @ 30% they are currently paying $ 22,500 in taxes. If they don't understand how adding percentages works, they could *think* they are going to pay 44% or $ 33,000, when in reality to would be 34.2% or $ 25,650.

Sorry if this was rambling, I"m having trouble getting my point across. I guess bottom line is, don't let numbers scare people.

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Advice for a shy homebody?

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TL;DR I’m a new Texan and super shy and would like to spread Bernie’s message further than just my car bumper stickers. What can I do to show him in a good light to them?

I just moved to Texas, from Oregon, at the beginning of this month. It’s a small town and everyone is so kind and polite and quick to offer help with anything.

While waiting to finish setting up to go to the first high school football game of the season, my teacher boyfriend introduced me to a colleague. My boyfriend has borrowed my car numerous times to drive to work, as I’ve elected to take some time off from finding a job here and enjoy relaxing.

My car has a rainbow BERNIE sticker on the bumper and a Bernie For President 2020 in the window.

He joked about the trailer my boyfriend was needing to haul for the game tonight and reminded him, “It ain’t like your girlfriend’s little car!” Then he says to me, “You know even Democrats in Texas are conservative! Your car ain’t gonna get keyed, it’ll be full of bullet holes!” It was a generally good natured tone, I knew he was joking. But I couldn’t help but feel torn, on the one hand everyone is so welcoming and with open arms, and on the other they vote pieces of shit into office that write bullshit legislation.

But I digress. I told the man the same thing I’ve said to many folks now, namely friends I left behind in Oregon: “I am nervous about it but I just hope people bother to ask me, Why? and I will be more than happy to tell them why Bernie’s great!”

He didn’t have anything more to say on the matter.

Now, I’m a major homebody, and I feel egregiously uncomfortable in situations where I have to introduce myself and talk about myself past the whole “how are ya, what do you do.” How on earth can I attempt to talk politics in this climate? They’re so passionate about the kids here, the sports and fine arts, and their churches. They have Fox News on constantly (although muted, thankfully) in our favorite cafe downtown. I am so far out of my comfort zone having moved here to begin with, I’m stuck worrying they will not hear any of the truth about Bernie if I tried.

Fellow Texans especially, how do you do it? What part of the state are you in? I’m in the dead center of the state, in Hill Country. I love it. And I want to better it, by doing what little I can and show my new community what there is to love about Bernie.

I fear they’re for Trump simply because they know no better and are comfortable right here right now with how everything is. It’s a great little town that isn’t quite feeling the ripple throughout the country just yet. We’re small but I want to do something, and be able to articulate it well. Lawn signs/posters with short info quips on his policies? I’m stuck.

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