Help! After several hours I finally have a trump supporters ears!!

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I've been trying to get my trump supporter sister to hear me out about why M4A would actually benefit us despite thinking the opposite. She wouldn't have any of it and I finally got her to say she would read what I have to say. I know she's been exposed to only republican type talking points…what news sources are considered to be the most fair for only reporting facts and not opinions that push a narrative? She doesn't want to be swayed by the left nor the right, she wants to hear facts and make up her own mind going forward. she thought she had been reading news sources that were unbaised and credible but she said she got her info from daily mail. Who do I recommend?

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I’m a Moderate. After Nevada, I’m in.

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I’m not going to lie. I’m the kind of person that gets regularly downvoted by Bernie supporters. A few of my transgressions:

  • I don’t hate the DNC, I don’t hate the media, I don’t think either are in some deep state conspiracy to destroy Sanders. Although Chris Matthews does need to resign over that despicable bullshit.

  • I don’t think the rest of the platform are “essentially Republicans” or “just as bad as Trump”. Admittedly I did enjoy watching Bloomberg collapse in that debate though.

  • I’m also not a fan of numerous parts of Sanders platform. I’m not going to give myself a label because labels create inaccurate assumptions. You’re welcome to ask on policy, but I’m not going to debate them. Not the topic for that.

But fuck it. After Nevada I’m in. I’m a Super Tuesday voter (and in a state that could be a huge boon to him) and there’s not much likely to change between now and then.

I don’t know why, but I feel like writing out my mindset here in the hopes that maybe my perspective can help someone is converting others.

Issue #1: I don’t hate Bernie: I firmly disagree with him on a good number of areas. I think his fans can be…err…divisive. However I don’t hold these things against him. I think he’s principled and a decent person. I appreciate that he denounced and rejected support from the more vocally antagonistic members of his support. Will I sing his praises as President? Probably not. But I also don’t see myself complaining about him all that much.

Issue #2: His policies will likely be dulled by Congress Congress will not be nearly as Progressive as him. He will be forced to compromise. Somewhere between the status-quo of the rank-and-file Democrats and his Progressives. And that happens to be an area that I am quite happy with. We’ll still see a shift to the Left, but it won’t be a drastic , cataclysmic change. He’s proven that he can and will compromise with his support of the ACA, and I have no doubt he will in the future.

Personally I’m a fan of German-style healthcare and I see that as a very real result.

Issue #3: He polls well in the Midwest: I don’t buy “X vs Trump” polls. They tell us nothing. Hillary polled really well against Trump even post election. The EC is sadly what matters (Ooooh. A new point). Trump (ironically) broke the “Blue Wall”, giving him the win. Sanders has polled well in those same walk states that Hillary lost. This is what gives me faith that he could win.

Issue 3.5: He wants to end the Electoral College: Good shit.

Issue 4: A contested convention can not happen: This is what did it for me and secured his vote. With Nevada, not just in its vote but in Sanders wide range of voters, showed he can gain a majority of Delegates before the convention. He is the only person that has, at the moment, a realistic chance of doing so. We cannot have a contested convention. The risk of causing division is far too great at this point. Removing this existential treat to the US is the most important policy I have. Whether or not other candidates may be better suited to taking on Trump is irrelevant. A contested convention shrinks everyone’s (Including Sanders) chances.

He has the best chance at a majority, so I’ll help make sure he gets it.

P.S.: Issue 5: GOP is gonna make down ticket Dems look like gun stealing Socialists anyway: They all seem to think all the nominees want to take all of your guns despite Beto (the the best of my knowledge), being the only one to say definitively that he will take all your (assault) weapons.

Reality isn’t the GOPs strong suit.

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When people ask how can we afford universal healthcare remind them that the UK implemented single payer universal healthcare only three years after they were devastated by World War II

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If the UK can implement universal healthcare only a few years after they were on the frontlines of the most destructive war in human history then the US, which is going through an economic boom, can implement universal healthcare too. The civilian population of the UK was still on war rations when they got universal healthcare.

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