The question is not “do we want Bernie to run again?” The questions are “which candidate will fight for medicare for all, $15/hr min. wage, tuition free college, a green new deal, affordable housing and to end legalized corruption allowed by citizens united?” That candidate is Bernie. #Bernie2020

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The question is not "do we want Bernie to run again?"

The question is not "which candidate is young enough or charismatic enough?"

The question is not "who looks better on camera?"

The question is which candidate has been consistently fighting without fail for the issues that are vital to the future of our country?

That candidate is Bernie.

He will never stop fighting for medicare for all. He will never compromise on $ 15/hr min. wage. He will not stop until all students, regardless of their family's income, have the opportunity to attend a public university so that they can achieve the success that they dream about.

Bernie has proven throughout his career that his vision and principles will not be compromised.

He is worthy of the democratic nomination for President.

Let's get it done, y'all. Time to get to work.

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