How do you feel about many on the Left who abandoned Bernie and are still Hillary apologists all of a sudden now are enamored with AOC?

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I love Ocasio-Cortez and really hope she will reach the presidency in the future and is a great person to spread Bernie's original message however what bothers me is many now who still continue to bash Bernie and still love Hillary claiming her loss was the result of anything but her being a bad corporate candidate now love AOC isn't that hypocritical/poorly educated? I feel like that's our {The Left's} major flaw right now disunity and lack of knowledge of the core beliefs of our canidates. It seems now we are to quickly to decide we like someone based solely on gender/race/age etc. I've seen so many people bashing Bernie for no apparent reason yet hail AOC as the hero of the democratic party when their ideologies are nearly exactly the same. I'm really afraid this kind of mindset might scew us over in the election this year especially seeing the bad media already throwing hits at the likes of Bernie and Tulsi Gabbard.

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