Hi everyone. Need some advice. I’ve had several conversations lately with Bernie supporters expressing defeat already now that Biden is in the game and “showing great lead” in the polls.

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I am nervous about this because these are all potential Bernie voters who really believe in his policies and yet are already assuming Biden will be the nominee and they will have to vote for him to defeat Trump. The biggest reason they give for this supposed eventuality is that Biden has a “very strong base” in Trump states. We need people to stay motivated and excited and jazzed up about Bernie and bring all of their energies and their friends energies to the polls in the primaries and beyond. How do I motivate them so they don’t lose faith? I also find it fucking annoying that defeating trump has become priority. Trump is a symptom of a very deep rooted problem of economic stagnation, social injustice and insecurity and inequity and making his removal a priority is overlooking the fundamental structures that brought him to the presidency in the first place. Thanks for all your thoughts!

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So apparently, for the majority of Biden supporters, Sanders is their second choice.

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Sadly, that implies that a number of them are making their choice based on name recognition. This does, however, present an opportunity for changing some minds. If you come across a Biden supporter, or supporter of any other establishment candidate, don’t start the debate by listing their candidates flawed records or short comings. Instead, make them think by asking them these questions:

  1. What are your candidates specific policy positions?

  2. What details have they provided for how they plan to implement their policies?

  3. What specific details of their platform do you agree with?

  4. Who is your second choice and why?

If their chosen candidate has so far not had a well defined platform, and has offered only platitudes like Biden, then these questions can create cracks in their perceived image of the candidate. It would force them to think and wonder “Hey wait, what are they offering that will improve my life and the lives of my loved ones?” You don’t have to get them to say “I’ve changed my mind.” You just have to plant a seed of doubt in their brains.

Now, for the final question, if they answer that their second choice is Sanders, then that creates an opening probe even deeper. Ask them what they like about Bernie? Compare and contrast their candidate with Bernie, in a non-judge-mental way. Paint a detailed picture of how they differ policy wise. Perhaps, if we do this, we might start to get results. Try this online, or with your friends and loved ones and see where it goes. Patience is key. We have a year to change some minds. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

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How to sway Biden supporters

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Biden is currently leading in the polls, and as a Bernie supporter this concerns me. I mean, I get they're skewed to voters 50+, but it's by such a wide margin I'm convinced this will be tough race, even though I remain confident a progressive candidate can pull through. But the fact still stands that Biden is still in the lead, and as the grassroots there is something we must do to sway those voters to our side.

How do we do this? Personally, I don't think pointing out Biden's record will change a thing. These people don't care much about policy, they're only concerned about beating Trump (and they will parrot this over and over). So what we should focus on to sway people is not attacks on Biden's record or disregard for personal space and instead on whether or not Biden is the Democrats' best bet to beat the Orange-in-Chief.

To do this is simple. We just need to explain why Bernie can beat Trump and Biden cannot. Their key difference is this:

Biden is a candidate focused on the past and Bernie is a candidate focused on the future.

Biden has talked consistently of restabilizing US politics and returning to a pre-Trump America. This resonates with people nostalgic for the Obama era, especially because of his role as Obama's VP. But at the same time, this also leads people into the trap of thinking a return to the Obama era is what the American people want.

Remind people that it was under the Obama presidency that Trump was elected. Remind people that Trump voters voted for Trump specifically for their dissatisfaction with the status quo. Remind them that if we choose another "Obama successor" like Hillary Clinton was in 2016, it will bring us right back to the last election, which was where Trump was victorious.

Whether you like Obama or not, Donald Trump was a direct result of the Obama presidency.

We can't let history repeat itself. We can only beat Trump with a candidate promising real change, regarding healthcare, regarding wealth inequality, and regarding climate change.

And that is NOT Joe Biden.

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