Will Bernie please call out Biden by name already?

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Just finished watching the M4A speech. Will Bernie please call out Biden by name already? Christ, during the entire 45 minutes or so speech I didn't hear Biden's name being uttered once.

Calling out republicans and companies matters shit, this election, the primary that is, is not against them. He needs to show how truly corrupt and weak the democratic opponents are on this issue. As long as it's faceless "companies" or a general statement about "other candidates" that take money from these companies, people have no clear target, and no candidate has to answer for or be confronted by anything.

Why does he keep playing it so passive on his current opponents? He refutes the lies being spread about M4A without directly saying "Joe Biden LIES and claims that…", instead just saying "our opponents are talking about…", "lies that have been spread…". Spread by whom? Who are the opponents? With all due respect, the people who eventually make the decisions are the ones in government, they are the ones taking bribes from the health insurance companies and defend them. You can't rally people against health insurance companies because everyday people have no power over these companies' decisions. You can and should however, rally people against specific elected officials who support these companies, especially ones running to be presidents.Without targeting the relevant people and exposing the frauds in the democratic party for what they are no one will pay attention. His tactic of never going on the direct offensive doesn't do him any favors, especially since it reinforces Biden's and other candidates confidence that Bernie won't go after them if they outright spread lies and smears about his campaign. I love Bernie, but if he keeps playing the game like that on extreme-cautiousness he won't gain much of any new supporters.

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There is one fundamental question that Biden, Trump, Buttigieg and the opponents of Medicare-for-all cannot answer and do not want to be asked

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This is it:

If the US style health care system with private insurance is so good, why do no other nations on earth have political movements striving to replace their Medicare-for-all-type systems with the American health care system? None, zero.

These are all nations with loud free market anti-government right wing movements, like the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden etc etc. Yet there is no mass movement of any kind anywhere to turn health care over to private insurance companies and let the free market work its magic.

The answer is clear: Once countries have universal free health care it is embraced. In Britain both sides of the Brexit debate ran on the idea that their approach to Brexit would be best for saving and improving the National Health Service. Even Margaret Thatcher, Reagan's neoliberal accomplice who detested the very idea that government could effectively solve problems on behalf of the people, understood that the NHS was beloved and admired by all Brits and untouchable.

And in all these other nations, there is no clamor in the business community for a US style system. The last thing businesses want is to have to worry about health care for their employees. That is the government's job.

Sheldon Adelson, the gazillionaire who bankrolls the "free market right" in the USA, is a loud proponent of Israel's socialized health care system. He only opposes it in the USA because it would open the door to all sorts of other policies he detests, like the ability to start labor unions, consumer regulation and progressive taxation.

These systems work. They vary in form but all of them are universal and private insurance plays, at most, a marginal role if any role at all. That is why medicare is such a wildly popular program in the United States, even with Republicans. That is why when we extend it to all and get greater economies of scale we can improve its quality and efficiency.

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Bernie The Real Feminist Pays All Of His Female Interns Biden & Warren Do Not !!!

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Warren, Biden Campaigns Appear to Find Loophole Around Paid Internships https://www.thedailybeast.com/elizabeth-warrens-and-joe-bidens-presidential-campaigns-appear-to-find-loophole-around-paid-internships

Bernie also has his interns unionized Bernie is the one true progressive that cares about workers and women

Please donate to Bernie either through this SFP sub right here or at his official campaign site please

Register as a democrat!

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You know that Key & Peele “angry Obama” skit? If Gravel qualifies for the next debate, he will be Key to Bernie’s Peele — especially against Biden. This helps Bernie, which is the purpose of this sub.

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Every Gravel post gets taken down, so I'll try posting with no link. Gravel needs fewer than 7k unique donors by Tuesday to reach the 65k requirement for the upcoming debate.

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Kamala is the biggest threat to Bernie now. Not Biden. That’s why we need to volunteer more. And Teach people about Kamala.

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RCP has them tied: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/2020_democratic_presidential_nomination-6730.html And RCP was right on the money about the 2016 general. They said Hillary was up 2%. And she won by 2%. However they aren't good state by state. They're only good on a national level. Most of these polls ask a very reasonable number of young voters (who are unlikely voters BTW). If you make the claim that the polls are phone based cite your sources. Remember smart phones are phones too. Sure all of the polls are a little wonky. But they aren't lies. That's why RCP is so the most reliable. It's an average. People always trust all the polls when they have good news for the candidate they like. Either way If Bernie isn't doing a lot better than Kamala according to RCP. Even with the skewed polls. Then we aren't helping out enough. We need to do more for Bernie. Donate more. Campaign harder. We need to fight fight fight harder. For Bernie. Bernie should be doing a lot better in the polls. Despite the skewing. This why we need to do a lot more for him. He has a really great shot at the nomination. But we aren't campaigning enough. We should should act like RCP is right. And have that encourage us to do more for him.

Again be reasonable about your skepticism. Don't be a parrot. Backup your skepticism. Also don't over estimate people's knowledge about Kamala's record. Most don't yet know what's wrong with her. Don't over estimate the political knowledge of the average voter. So all most people know about her is her brilliant performance during the debate. And Most left voters are very concerned about beating Trump. And they don't know that's the same thing as having good policies. And being honest.

That'ts why we need to volunteer more. And teach them about Kamala's record. That's why I made a list of videos about her record:










Lastly I will add that there's good news for Bernie. Here's got earned media in spades. Probably a lot less than what Trump got on TV in 2016. But He certainly has way more than anyone else. This explains earned media:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2To2KA0jPQo&t=9s 8:53-11:32

On the other hand remember Hillary's and Bernie's advantages/disadvantages in 2016. Who knows exactly how similar 2020 will be. The Democratic party probably has a (at least somewhat) different plan for managing 2020. And Kamala Got a lot of earned media from the debate. Most TV based. Like Trump. And TV is what likely voters mostly get their info from. Dem voters are younger than rep voters. But still there are a lot of old dem voters.

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