Competing with Bloomberg for the Black Vote

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Part of Bloomberg's strategy is making direct and specific promises about how he will improve the lives of black Americans.

We know he lies, put that aside.

We know universalism is the key, put that aside.

What I want to know is if there is a resource for quickly and clearly showing how much (with numbers) Bernie's plans will…

  • decrease incarceration (x% fewer black Americans in jail)

  • raise black wages (x% higher)

  • raise black homeownership (x% more black homeowners)

  • black student debt forgiven ($ x in black student debt forgiven)

And on and on.

I want to be able to be explicit about what our revolution will give black America because many people I hear and speak with want to know how this universalist message applies to them. And I respect that need and concern.

We cannot let this oligarch win because we failed to tell the truth.

Who can help me?

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Black Voters For Bernie (My Organization) Hosting A Cornel West Townhall Event in Newark, NJ

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Whats going on revolutionaries!

As the title says my organization in collaboration with the Rutgers Democrats school org will be hosting a town hall with Cornel West in Newark, NJ.

All the logistics and details are in the eventbrite link below, but just quickly I want to say this is not Sanders' campaign or anyone paying me and my team to do this. My organization worked very hard (for free) to make this happen because we believe in this campaign that much and we believe we can make a difference in New Jersey for the Sanders campaign and also a difference amongst black voters!

If you live in the New Jersey – New York area, please register to attend in the link below, share and bring friends, and come out to support and participate! Cornel West's outlook is highly respected amongst scholars and intellectuals within the black community, and we believe the bigger this event is the more difference (and impact!!!) we can make in expanding out Black Voters For Bernie group and putting more momentum and energy into this campaign!!!

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I Am Black, and I am Mad!

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I'm a black man who is noticing something appalling. All the black men and women I am around seem to be giving Harris and Biden all their support… and this makes me mad! Biden and his busing controversy… Harris and her policies throwing tons of black men in jail (heck! she didn't even identify as black before this run, using her 25% black blood only when it's convenient).

But why is everyone ignoring this… Bernie was with us all the time. I can't think of any candidate who has been so solid and unmoving, so progressive their whole life. BERNIE MARCHED WITH US DURING CIVIL RIGHTS! There are images of this man getting arrested for us! How can we possibly ignore this? Bernie is the most genuine politician I know. I am a Blernie, and I voted for him in the 2016 primaries, and I am voting for him again. I have no place to tell anyone who to vote for, but I urge all my black brothers and sisters to look back at the history of these politicians. Out of all of them… there was only 1 who was undeniably marching with Dr. King… FEEL THE BURN!

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