How long did it take to get your merchandise from the campaign store?

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I ordered a couple of T-shirts from the online store a couple of weeks back and they haven't shipped yet. I emailed them but I never got a response. I'm sure other people on this sub have ordered from them. How long did it take to get your stuff after you placed your order? Just so that I have some sort of idea. Thanks.

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Going to my first campaign event tomorrow

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Hi all,

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to Bernie’s event in Ames! This will be the first campaign event I’ve gone to for any candidate, ever. I’m super excited and just had a question I think you guys would have an answer to.

The event starts at 8 and opens at 6:30. Is it usually packed? Should I get there early and wait in line or will getting there at 6:30 be fine?

Thanks for the help!

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Campaign schedule for Thursday, Jan. 23, and thereafter–surrogates step up and Bernie arrives on Saturday (and Bernie Journey information)

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Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are in New Hampshire today and tomorrow:

Phil Agnew and Stacey Walker (joined at one event by Michael Moore and at another by Mike Posner) are in Iowa today and tomorrow:

Nina Turner is in North Carolina on Friday and Saturday:

According to this information from Jan. 18 Jane Sanders will be speaking at two events in Las Vegas over the weekend:

AOC and Michael Moore are in Iowa on Friday through Sunday, joined by Bernie on Saturday night and all day Sunday:

Thanks to u/notmeus2020 for the list of AOC events. Here is a map showing her travel, which goes from east [starting at the University of Iowa Rally in Iowa City on Friday night] to west [concluding with the Sunday night rally in Sioux City].She has 10 events over approximately 48 hours, and Bernie will be there for the last six of those. To see the map with clickable pins for the 10 events, go here and then click on the dot to expand the map.

It looks like Michael Moore will be all of AOC's events. He said on Wednesday that he will be in Iowa for 12 days, apparently starting with the Grinnell College town hall at 6:30 pm today with Phillip Agnew & Stacey Walker. Twelve days will take him through caucus day, Feb. 3.

Next week's events (hopefully) with Bernie:

Related events not organized by the campaign in January:

Future events:

  • Iowa Caucus on Monday, Feb. 3

  • Democratic Presidential Debate on Friday, Feb. 7 at St. Anslem's College in Manchester, NH

  • New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday, Feb. 11

  • Democratic Presidential Debate on Wednesday, Feb. 19, in Las Vegas, NV, hosted by NBC News, MSNBC, and The Nevada Independent.

  • Nevada Caucus on Saturday, Feb. 22

  • Democratic Presidential Debate on Tuesday, Feb. 25, at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, SC, hosted by CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute; Twitter will be a debate partner.

  • South Carolina Primary on Saturday, Feb. 29

  • Super Tuesday, March 3

For people who would like to volunteer in one of the first four states from out of state, you can use existing transportation or plan your own trip.

To use existing transportation, the following options are available from the campaign (some listings are found in multiple lists, but some aren't, so it's best to check all that might be relevant):

There are also volunteer carpools to all four early states: This list also includes some of the campaign buses to Iowa and New Hampshire.

If you decide to drive yourself and would like to find others to carpool with you, you can add a carpool to the campaign's events database here. Under "Event Type," select "Bernie Journey carpool." This will allow people searching for carpools in your area to find your carpool.

You may want to consult this excellent map showing all campaign offices (both official campaign offices and known grassroots offices) to find the nearest campaign field office. It is maintained by u/wJake1.

For housing, see Want to Knock Doors, But Need a Place to Stay in Iowa, NH, NV, or SC? SFP Fam's Got You!. Also join the Bernie Journey Team Channel in the Bernie 2020 Slack.

Unless you are taking a campaign bus or carpool, you should let the campaign know you are coming by taking these steps:

Also consult this general resource from the campaign:

State information pages for the campaign:

These state-specific pages apparently exist only for these five states as of now. The campaign has staff in a number of other states, but corresponding state pages do not yet exist.

Locating Bernie 2020 events:

  • the campaign's official events page includes all of Bernie's appearances that are open to the public, except some events that are sponsored by private groups. The list also includes other (i.e., non-Bernie) significant campaign events.

  • This page lists Bernie's events that are open to the public but may be limited to official campaign events:

  • This daily campaign schedule is posted on most days and attempts to collect information on all of Bernie's scheduled appearances.

  • The campaign's events map lists both campaign events and volunteer-led events all across the country

  • This events search page seems to have the same information as the events map, just above, but has additional search options. You can generate a chronological list of all "official campaign events" that are currently scheduled. This includes both Bernie events and surrogate events, but not events hosted by other organizations.

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Need help finding a Bernie campaign ad with female singer…

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I want to share this with friends, but can't find it again. It's the full song with a female singer doing a cover from maybe the 60s or 70s. The imagery has Bernie out with diverse demographics, lots of women, hugging people. There's a shot of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nina Turner, I believe, and other women out working for him. Any help would be appreciated!

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Is it possible to contribute to the campaign as a non-american?

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I was trying to donate on the campaigns website, but one of the terms is that you are a green card holder. As a norwegian, I was wondering if there is any way of donating?

Don't have much to give as of now though, just thought every little bit helps 🙂

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Has Bernie stated his plan to campaign with the senate trail?

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Now that the senate impeachment trial is underway I worry he could lose his standing not being able to campaign in the weeks leading up to iowa.

Has he stated what his plan is? Will he be able to fly over on the weekends at the very least to campaign?

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I have a little suggestion about creating content to support Bernie’s campaign…

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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone doing work for the Sanders campaign. I think he is the most compassionate and sensible candidate running. And I think the GND is absolutely necessary to deal with a wide variety of serious problems.

That said, Bernie's support among older people is still lagging behind. I think this is largely due to the fact that older people consume more corporate media and have less ability to find information on the internet. Part of that needs to be addressed by Bernie's campaign with money spent on traditional advertising focused at older people. But, also, I think youtubers and other content creators can make content directed at older voters and then shown to those older voters by his younger supporters.

I think this would be easier for a lot of people than trying to convince grandma and grandpa with simple verbal engagement. Not saying verbal engagement is unimportant or totally ineffective, but it's not easy for everyone and sometimes older people don't give their grandkids the respect they deserve.

So I'm asking Bernie-supporting content creators to create some messages which speak to the concerns of older people and then I'm asking his other young supporters to go out of their way to share the best content with their older relatives.

We can do this! #Bernie2020

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Hundreds of doctors & healthcare providers across the US have joined Doctors for Bernie, a group that believes Senator Sanders’s campaign for the presidency offers an historic opportunity to advance an agenda for public health

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Hundreds of doctors & healthcare providers across the US have joined Doctors for Bernie, a group that believes Senator Sanders’s campaign for the presidency offers an historic opportunity to advance an agenda for public health

Read in its entirety:


Contact: Scott Goldberg, MD, Doctors for Bernie media contact, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

New York — A group of doctors and other health care providers have announced the formation of Doctors for Bernie, an independent grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for Senator Sanders for the 2020 Democratic nomination. While each physician in the group has unique motivations for supporting Senator Sanders, they are brought together by the common belief that his policies would have the greatest impact on the health, safety, and well being of their patients.

“I have seen too many patients struggle with affording their medications or falling into debt because of illness,” said Dr. Harrison Kalodimos, a primary care doctor in Seattle. “I spent months studying the details of reform proposals from the public option to all-payer rate setting, but Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All proposal is the only plan which will guarantee every US resident comprehensive health care while eliminating medical debt and bankruptcies.”

For Dr. Uma Tadepalli, a geriatrician in North Carolina, it was the expansion of Medicare to cover all medically necessary services including hearing, dental, vision, and importantly, long term care that brought her to the campaign. “Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan is the only way to meet the health needs of our aging population,” said Dr. Tadepalli.

Medical students have flocked to the group as well. Umer Waris, a fourth-year medical student in California, remarked that: "I wish to one day practice medicine in a health care system without interference from insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and other corporate interests. These for-profit interests only drive a wedge between a patient and their doctor and threaten the very essence of the healing relationship.”

Doctors for Bernie state that Medicare for All is just one part of the Senator’s broad agenda for improving the public’s health, an agenda that would have the greatest impact on minority and marginalized communities. "From education to incarceration to the environment, the ill-effects of institutionalized corporate greed disproportionately impact black, indigenous, and people of color," says Dr. Milan Satcher, a black family physician in Maine. "It will take policies that enact systemic, large-scale changes in order to achieve tangible improvements in the lives of our communities. Senator Sanders has consistently advocated for this."

For more information, questions, or speaking requests, contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

#MedicareForAll #GreenNewDeal #DoctorsForBernie #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders

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