Campaign Email: Our campaign is the only one that is 100% funded by grassroots donations for the primary AND THE GENERAL ELECTION

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Screenshot. This is what separates Bernie from every other candidate including Warren.

As Bernie states, you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money.

We need to ensure Bernie dominates this FEC quarter in grassroots fund raising. We don't want our small-donor grassroots movement to be co-opted in the general election by corporate money.

The next FEC deadline is 12/31/2019. By then, the presidential race will be narrowed and the front-runners will likely remain the same until the primary dates. We need this momentum to carry us to next deadline.

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The campaign had more surrogate-led events this week, giving Bernie some time off

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Bernie has had four days almost completely off. His last public appearance was on Tuesday afternoon, and, other than Thursday's appearance on The Late Show, Bernie doesn't have a public appearance until tomorrow (Sunday), when he has a full slate of events.

To fill the void, the campaign scheduled multiple surrogate-led events. Nina Turner and Dr. Victoria Dooley had two events in Iowa on Friday and four in New Hampshire today (Saturday). Belén Sisa had at least two events in Iowa today, while Ro Khanna appeared in Nevada.

I hope these surrogate events get enough attendence, because it would really help Bernie's voice if he's able to take days off each week, at least from public appearances. We really need his voice to be in good shape for the October 15 debate.

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