Can change ever really take place, when people are willing to reelect a candidate, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

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She was clearly complicit in rigging the DNC primaries against Bernie. Do you feel it's better for the country to just "forgive, forget, and move on" or hold these type of politicians responsible for their actions?

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Bernie Sanders was the most popular Democratic candidate at several points during the presidential primary.

It's a shame it was harder to get our message out due to mainstream media's bias coverage. We have to keep exercising our voices, strengthening our engagement, and developing progressive media.

Bernie Sanders +1 March 24th 2016

Bernie Sanders +1 April 7th 2016

Bernie Sanders +2 April 6th 2016

Bernie Sanders +3 February 18th 2016

General: Bernie +20 v Trump

When people talk about how well we did with young people, clearly one of the reasons for that was our success with social media.

Media is about what is not covered. The more important the issue is to large numbers of working people, the less interesting it is to corporate media. Issues being pushed by the top 1% get a lot of attention. My candidacy, alone, accounted for the majority of attention that network Sunday news shows paid to poverty, one of the great crises facing the nation. National television coverage ignores the reality of important parts of American life. Corporations have an agenda that serves their bottom line. In fact, that’s the reason for their existence. The largest media corporations are themselves owned by even larger conglomerates that have their own particular set of economic interests.

The extraordinary power of the multinational corporations provides billions of dollars a year in advertising revenue to the corporate owners of the media. These powerful corporations have an agenda. Six corporations control 90% of what we see, hear, and read. This is outrageous, and a real threat to our democracy. Those six corporations are Comcast, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

I received 46% of the pledged delegates, won twenty-two states, and lost some states by a few votes. In other words, we had a significant amount of support from ordinary people. On the other hand, I did not win 46% of the endorsements from the print establishment and the leading newspapers in the country. In fact, I won only one. I was very proud to have received the endorsement of The Seattle Times.

The political revolution, our revolution, must continue. Stay involved and get your friends involved. Run for the school board, city council, state legislature. Run for governor. Run for Congress. Run for the Senate. Run for president. Hold your elected officials accountable. Know what they’re doing and how they’re voting—and tell your neighbors. But transforming America is more than just elections. It’s about changing our culture.

Demand that the media focuses on the real issues facing our nation and the world, not just political gossip. And if corporate media won’t change, and they won’t, start new media. The Internet offers revolutionary prospects.

The future is in your hands. Let’s get to work.

-Bernie Sanders, Our Revolution – A Future to Believe In [Edited]

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