List of candidates endorsed by Bernie?

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According to Rule 3 of the subreddit, "Submissions about down-ballot races are only allowed for candidates endorsed by Bernie Sanders during the 2020 election cycle." Is there a list anywhere of candidates that Bernie has endorsed? There seem to be a number of pro-Bernie candidates, candidates endorsed by Our Revolution, and candidates endorsed by Justice Democrats that I run across on Twitter, but I am unaware of candidates endorsed by Bernie. Maybe he's not going to endorse in the primaries, and only in the general?

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Bernie has the biggest reddit community among Democratic candidates.

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r/ElizabethWarren – 22890 r/JoeBiden – 1674 r/SandersForPresident – 306677 and growing

Also, this subreddit is active as hell. Feel the Bern.

I am from Myanmar (South East Asia) and I desperately want Bernie to win, because I believe his presidency will be good not only for US but also for the rest of the world.

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3rd Debate Candidates – One Night Only

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Here are the Qualified / Not Qualified for the 3rd debate. Looks like, based on what ABC reported, it will only be one night. I'd rather them break it into two nights of 5 vs one night of 10 but that's just my opinion. I guess it might be good for another Bernie/Warren fighting centrists night.


  1. Former Vice President Joe Biden
  2. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
  3. Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  4. Calif. Sen. Kamala Harris
  5. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang
  6. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg
  7. Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke
  8. N.J. Sen. Cory Booker
  9. Former HUD Sec. Julián Castro
  10. Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Not Qualified (didn't meet 2% poll requirement):

  1. Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
  2. Billionaire executive Tom Steyer
  3. Self-help author Marianne Williamson

Not Qualified (didn't meet poll or donor requirement):

  1. Colo. Sen. Michael Bennet
  2. Mont. Gov. Steve Bullock
  3. New York, N.Y., Mayor Bill de Blasio
  4. Former Md. Rep. John Delaney
  5. N.Y. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (Dropped out)
  6. Miramar, Fla., Mayor Wayne Messam
  7. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan
  8. Former Pa. Rep. Joe Sestak


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The Midwest of the USA is a literal “Human Farm System” mass cultivating lives solely to ensure votes for specific candidates

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Just like farms that keep their animals caged and mass produce under cruelty for food, the US midwest cultivates humans solely for votes to keep people in office who otherwise have business being there. Because no matter what Coastal voters thinks, THEIR VOTES are what keep people like McConnell and others in office.

They are intentionally made stupid by their local news outlets and their favorite FOX NEWS by design to keep them ill informed. The more informed they are, the less likely they will actually vote for McConnell, so by design they are made absolutely unaware of their own states degradation.

The Midwest is nothing more than a large farm cultivating lives that otherwise will be relegated and treated as useless outside of elections.

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“I would rather vote for the songwriter than someone who performs a very good cover.“ – u/eggshellmoudling when ask why Bernie vs candidates who now share his policies

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Great statement in r politics by u/eggshellmoudling when talking about Bernie vs. other candidates. “I would rather vote for the songwriter than someone who performs a very good cover.”

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National Berniecratic Candidates

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Okay, so I hope this post does not get locked. I have helped compose a list of progressive primary challengers to centrist incumbent Democrats. Some of them are endorsed by Local Berniecrats, Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, DSA, or Brand New Congress. But, Brand New Congress only endorsed THREE challengers. Justice Democrats only released TWO new challengers. Our Revolution is not yet accepting 2020 nominations. We NEED to get rid of a few centrists at least in 2020 if we want to change anything, and they need to build their following now so they WILL get endorsed later. So, I am going to first post all of the candidates endorsed by official Berniecratic sources. Then I am going to post a link to Twitter — I and another person have been compiling a list of progressive primary challengers who have a platform and issues page that mirrors the Bernie platform. Most of these candidates have confirmed they are TRYING to be endorsed by a Bernie-friendly source. We have compiled over 40 challengers. Follow. Share. Vote.

First, make sure you double-check periodically. This site has local, state, and national candidates. Some of the candidates on the Twitter list are on Local Berniecrats already — but that will take forever to cross-reference on here. We all need to be thinking about Congress as well as Bernie. We need to send in warriors to back him up (like…if all candidates could be like Joshua Collins from Washington's 10th, that would be excellent, he needs to be nominated and endorsed.)

Second, double-check Justice Democrats (Jamaal Bowman, NY-16, Jessica Cisneros, TX-28)

Third, check (No 2020 challengers, but some 2019 races)

Fourth, check — Three challengers on the Twitter primary list (Cori Bush – MO-01, Anthony Clark, IL-07, Adrienne Bell TX-14)

Fifth, check out the Twitter list here (49 members!):

Sixth: If you like one of the Twitter list candidates, and live in their area, nominate them for Justice Democrats, Our Revolution (when they start nominating), Local Berniecrats, and Brand New Congress. Below is the membership list for the Twitter list — each candidate has a website that clearly states what their issues and goals are — There may be a dud or two in here, but I've checked and double-checked and I cannot imagine that these candidates won't get endorsements (some who have been endorsed are listed below again).

  1. Shelia Bryant For Congress @SheliaForMD4 Running as a progressive candidate in Maryland’s 4th congressional district with a platform of reproductive justice, Medicare For All, & putting people first!
  2. @JamaalBowmanNY I'm running for Congress because the people of NY-16 deserve a Democrat who will fight for jobs and education, not bombs and incarceration.
  3. @JCisnerosTX I'm running to represent the working people of TX-28 in Congress. It’s time to elect a real Democrat who’ll fight for all of us, not big corporate donors.
  4. @EricaForNY Attorney and advocate running in NY-12 (she/her)
  5. @Weinstock2020 Proud New Yorker, Firefighter, Gay, Hip-Kosher: Candidate for Congress, NY-3
  6. @UrbinaForUsCaregiver, wife, mom, advocate, & progressive candidate for Congress in MD-05 | 📷Corporate PACs | #TeamUrbina
  7. @MaiteSalazar4MO
  8. @Kina4Congress National healthcare advocate | Gun violence prevention organizer | Coalition director | Youth mentor | Candidate for #IL07 | She/Her/Hers #Kina4Congress (I would support Anthony Clark over her — he has an endorsement and more followers)
  9. @AlbertLee2020 Dad. Husband. Army Veteran. Candidate for OR-3. 📷Powered by people, not by corporations. 📷 Proud member of @portlanddsa 📷 #ChooseAFighter
  10. @Dickinson2020 Candidate for PA 18th Congressional District, husband, father, community advocate, lawyer, law professor
  11. @Cirincione2020 Progressive Dem. 📷 in NJ 6| America can work for ALL of us | 📷% People funded | #endcorruption#medicareforall | #GreenNewDeal | 📷
  12. @MeetMckayla Progressive primary challenger of Steny Hoyer to represent MD-05. She/her. #Mckayla2020#AVoteForUs (There is another progressive challenger, but she has more followers and is better)
  13. @VoteAshcraft Grassroots Progressive Democrat for NY-12 U.S. Congress. No corporate or super PAC money. 100% people-powered. Learn more at
  14. @Orozco4Congress Houston's Progressive Candidate for Texas’ 18th Congressional District | Green New Deal | Medicare-for-All | Abolish ICE
  15. @Sobie2020 ID/DD Job Coach. App State Alum. Progressive Democrat making sure society works for everyone. Funded entirely by you, not corporate interests! [they/them]
  16. @remmons2020 Chicago Southside, National GVP organizer, Nonprofit Leader, & Social Innovator. Candidate for US Congress (IL-01). For press inquires [email protected].
  17. @CongressEva Running to represent #AZ01 in Congress and to put #PeopleFirst. @EvaPutzova
  18. @ZSpezakis Mom, activist, cleantech exec, Progressive Dem. Wants a just and livable world for all kids. NJ9. 📷 people-funded, please SUPPORT! no corp $ . Trekkie, Star Wars
  19. @JustinBonner95 Running for congress in Wisconsin's 3rd district. Medicare for all, Ranked choice voting, Workplace democracy, Free public college, Federal job guarantee.
  20. @AGlassBlake Loving Christian, Activist, Founder/ Director @GenJusticeSD. Running for Congress in #CA51. 📷% people powered, no Corporate PAC, Lobbyist, or Private Prison $ $
  21. @amandapfrankel Progressive Dem for NY-10. No corporate PAC $ – 100% people. Composting in BK, volunteering in my community, and promoting political transparency. #primarynadler
  22. @ShahidForChange #ShahidVsPelosi, electing democratic socialist & civil libertarian Shahid Buttar (@sheeyahshee) in #CA12. Team tweets. Support:
  23. @jw4congress2020 Progressive Millennial running for NJ-06. I'm tired of listening. I'm ready for action.
  24. @anthonyvclark20 Congressional Candidate for IL 7th District! Veteran, Teacher, np Director, & Activist! Fighting to eliminate inequality caused by white supremacy & capitalism!
  25. @NathanClayCO I'm running for US House in Colorado's 7th District as a "radical" progressive Democrat.
  26. @dcforcongress I am exoloring a Democratic progressive run for U.S. House 2nd District of Iowa.
  27. @LindseyBoylan Candidate for US Congress, NY-10. Mom. Helped lead #Fightfor15 in NY. Healthcare, housing, & education are human rights. No corporate PAC 📷. No fossil fuel 📷. (I prefer the other NY-10 candidate)
  28. @aishabbwahab First Afghan American Woman Elected to Public Office in the United States. Running to Represent the East Bay and Tri-Valley in Congress #CA15 (Swalwell's opponent!!!!!)
  29. @CoriBush Candidate for US Congress, RN, Ferguson Activist, Ordained Pastor • I Am the People Who I Fight For • #fromProtest2Politics
  30. @Maebe_A_Girl Congressional Candidate for CA28 📷📷📷 -Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilwoman in LA -First Drag Queen Elected to Public Office in the US
  31. @RebeccaforWA Queer democratic socialist running for Congress in WA-06. No corporate or lobbyist 📷. Fighting for a home for all of us — not just the wealthiest few.
  32. @Joshua4Congress Joshua Collins, Truck driver running 4 Congress in WA CD-10! 📷M4A 📷GreenNewDeal 📷BLM 📷LGBT Rights People first, no exceptions. He/him.
  33. @mh4oh 614 native. Campaigning to represent the people of Ohio’s Third Congressional District as a bold new generational leader. #MH4OH #Morganize
  34. @JoseCaballeroSD Veteran. Small business owner. Father. Vegan. Progressive Democrat. Candidate for California Congressional District 53.
  35. @Lockwood4NC Environmental justice. Economic justice. Social justice.
  36. @DavidSandbeck MN's 4th district, Ramsey & Washington County. Single Payer, GND, Public Funding of Elections, Challenge the Military Industrial Complex! Be my Delegate 3/2020!
  37. @Marie4Congress #IL03 Dem for Congress: Real Democrat with a Real Plan for Making the Economy Work For Everyone, Med4Alll, Real Pay For Real Jobs, Green New Deal. #NewDayinIL03
  38. @Shaniyat2020 Shan for short— Democratic Candidate for NY-5 📷(Queens & Nassau) | A just and peaceful world should not come at the price of human rights | 📷% people-funded.
  39. @isiah4congress Democratic Candidate for NY-9 |Army Combat Veteran| Community Organizer| Activist| No Corporate 📷|📷% people power|#BigBoldBrandNew|Brooklyn!
  40. @AndomForNY SPEDucator running for Congress in NY D-16. It's time we have a true progressive who fights for working families & not the war lobby. Learn more (Not too impressed with this guy and there is another progressive listed here for this district, mostly concerned because he has less followers)
  41. @ihssaneleckey American immigrant. Recent Wall Street Regulator. Survivor. Millennial Parent. Unapologetically Bold Progressive. FB: @ElectIhssane She/Hers
  42. @Sheeyahshee #ShahidVsPelosi Lawyer, DJ, MC, poet, Pelosi's leading challenger with 17,500 votes in 2018 as @ShahidForChange, writer for @EFF @BurningMan & @truthout
  43. @tomas4congress Progressive Democrat running for Congress in NY-15. 📷Medicare For All, 📷Green New Deal 📷 Criminal Justice Reform 📷Education Reform 📷 Sustainable Housing
  44. @EvaPutzova A candidate for Congress 2020 in #AZ01 | @CongressEva. Former Flagstaff City Council councilmember. Doer. Optimist. Activist. Strategist. Progressive.
  45. @AgathaBacelar 2020 Congressional candidate for CA-12 | Agatha Eleonora Guimarães Bacelar de Oliveira Stephens | Formerly @emcollective @democracyearth 📷📷
  46. @OwensForGA13 Progressive Primary Candidate to David Scott for Congress #GA13 #USMC #Veteran
  47. @rhabersham Father of a 9-year-old boy. Candidate for Congress in NY's 13th District. Education, Prison, and Housing advocate and lover of NYC.
  48. @crisantaduran History-making Speaker of the House running for Congress. It’s #TimeforChange b/c it’s not enough to be just an okay vote ~ we need bold & tenacious action now!
  49. @BriannaWu Candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8 for 2020. Software engineer. Feminist. DMs are open. #TechPolicyMatters[email protected]

Again, praying that this post is not locked because idk how else to get the word out about these candidates — one gets drowned out on Twitter and Facebook. But there are 200k of us, if we got these people some attention, we could win. If you are aware of any other progressives running, let me know…and for the love of God if one of these candidates is in your district, write a letter to the editor, nominate them for an endorsement, etcetcetc.

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Comparing the Candidates with Some Statistics

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If you look at only the polls from establishments that have an A- or higher from 538, Bernie has been in 2nd place in 9 of 14 polls (65%) since the beginning of June. Biden has led every one of them, but his lead is clearly dropping. Harris held second place in 2 polls, Warren in 2 poll, and O'Rourke in 1 poll. Bernie is firmly in second place.

In every stat here, I will bold Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Harris.


Average of Last 6 A-/A/A+ Polls

Biden 26%

Sanders 17.17%

Harris 13.5%

Warren 11.83%

Buttigieg 3.67%

Rest of Field 10%

Undecided 17.83%

Latest Favoribility Poll

  1. Sanders 75.4%
  2. Biden 74.4%
  3. Warren 73.0%
  4. Harris 66.8%
  5. Booker 56.4%
  6. Buttigieg 51.8%
  7. Castro 49.1%
  8. O'Rouke 48.0%
  9. Klobuchar 40.6%
  10. Gillibrand 40.2%
  11. Yang 33.4%
  12. Gabbard 29.7%
  13. De Blasio 28.7%
  14. Ryan 27.8%
  15. Swalwell 26.3%
  16. Bennet 25.5%
  17. Hickenlooper 24.9%
  18. Delaney 24.5%
  19. Williamson 22.0%

Average Rating of Debate Performance by Non-Supporters (out of 5)

  1. Harris 4.20
  2. Warren 4.14
  3. Booker 3.66
  4. Sanders 3.63
  5. Buttigieg 3.59
  6. Biden 3.22
  7. O'Rourke 2.99

Candidates by Number of Twitter Followers

  1. Sanders 9.37M
  2. Booker 4.26M
  3. Biden 3.61M
  4. Warren 2.74M
  5. Harris 2.73M
  6. Williamson 2.62M
  7. O'Rourke 1.43M
  8. Gillibrand 1.43M
  9. Buttigieg 1.17M

Candidates by the Number of Subscribers to their Campaign Subreddit

  1. Sanders 266K
  2. Yang 27.2K
  3. Buttigieg 25.6K
  4. Warren 18.3K
  5. O'Rourke 9.9K
  6. Harris 2.8K
  7. Biden 1.2K
  8. Booker 492

Number of Facebook Followers

Sanders 7.5M

Warren 3.2M

Biden 1.49M

Booker 1.27M

Harris 1.22M

O'Rourke 939K

Williamson 737K

Gillibrand 550K

Buttigieg 378K

Delaney 357K

Klobuchar 320K

Gabbard 301K

de Blasio 264K

Hickenlooper 114K

Bennet 104K

Castro 102K

Ryan 59K

Swalwell 49K

Yang 26K

Number of Instagram Followers

Sanders 2.9M

Harris 1.5M

Warren 1.3M

Biden 1.3M

O'Rourke 947K

Booker 635K

Williamson 358K

Gillibrand 233K

Gabbarf 74K

Buttigieg 68K

de Blasio 59K

Klobuchar 52K

Yang 33K

Castro 24K

Swalwell 19K

Hickenlooper 13K

Bennet 8K

Ryan 4K

Q2 Donations Amounts (Only 8% of Americans have donated, and only 19% plan to)

Buttigieg $ 24.8M

Biden $ 21.5M

Sanders $ 18M

Harris $ 12M

Number of Q2 Donors

Sanders (nearly) 1M

Buttigieg 294K

Harris 279K

Biden 256K

Average Q2 Donation Amount

Biden $ 49

Buttigieg $ 47.42

Harris $ 39

Sanders $ 18


  • It's very clear that Sanders has the most dedicated following of supporters. Contrary to the narrative that the corporate democrat media wants to tell, Sanders has the most solid following out of all the candidates, and it's least likely for his polling numbers to collapse.
  • He is absolutely dominating in the social media game, which means that his message is getting out there despite the media wanting to stop it.
  • Bernie is the most liked candidate and he is being pitted against the safe-bet candidate, meaning the best thing we can do is try to dispel of notion that he can't win against Trump, so we should back the "safe" candidate who will. Not only did we make that very mistake last time, but it's simply not true that Bernie can't win. He is popular. Take to the streets and shout to the heavens, "Bernie is popular!"
  • If you have anymore stats, reply with them and I'll add them to the post.

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