We should try not attacking other candidates and their supporters like rabid dogs this time.

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Seriously, it's not doing anything to help the old Bernie-Bro trope. Yeah, they're going to accuse us of various "ism's" either way, but that's hardly an excuse to act like we did in 2016. We're not an underdog unknown campaign anymore and we should act like it. Bernie has enough support and money to make a run for the entire primary -something that very few other candidates can say at this point. Bernie has a huge ground game waiting for him, also something that no one else has right now. We proved in 2016 that we have a serious shot at this, but here we are today acting like the media can just wipe it all away with a few well-timed stories. Spreading conspiracy theories and complaining about unfair treatment makes us look like losers from the outset. Winners don't complain, they compete.

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