Possibly current and definitely future member of the 1%, what should I do?

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Hello s4p,

I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood in a major city. I went to good public schools and a top magnet school, then an Ivy League university and now a well ranked medical school. I really like politics and Bernie specifically. He reminds me of my favorite president FDR if he spent 10 hours sniffing paint thinner. I also come from a family of immigrant professionals, mostly doctors. Because of this, I have no student debt and won't have to take any on. I didn't realize how well off we were because my family does not live very ostentatiously (I never had video games, we always shopped at the cheap local supermarket, no expensive vacations, mom drives an old subaru).

Up until last year I had very little money that I directly controlled because my parents give me whatever is needed for education and basic living expenses and not a penny more. I only had what I saved up from working as a waiter part time between college and medical school. Then my dad died. As we dealt with the fallout of that, I found out that I would be receiving a six figure inheritance (although I'm sure taxes will take a huge chunk out of it). And then my mom told me that when she eventually dies I will be given 1/4th of her savings, which will be probably another 400k before taxes because she is a doctor who lives frugally. That won't happen anytime soon though.

I had a very good life compared to many people in America and I know that I didn't earn it, my parents did. I don't really know what to do with all this extra money besides try to invest it until I think of something better to do with it. I don't want to piss it away on new clothes or a new car or something stupid like that. I'm going to be relatively busy for the next 6-8 years doing medical training, so I don't have time to start a progressive organization and I don't trust many of them, especially not Justice Democrats who managed to kick out both of their founders for being un-woke. The only thing I've changed is that now I give a dollar to any homeless person I see instead of just looking away. I sent a few bucks Bernie's way but my mom thinks he's a lost cause so if I start throwing thousand dollar checks at him it might get me in trouble with her and jeopardize a big inheritance that can be used for something good. She can see all my transactions and her biggest fear is that I will develop mental illness like others in my family.

I would like to do something good for poor people, and ideally something that is self-sustaining. The only thing that stops me is the thought that I while I may be well off now, I don't have buying politician money. But if I quietly invest this money and keep my mom happy and work hard in medicine, in about 15 years I could easily be a multimillionaire, generate a stupid amount of income working 50 hours a week in the field I'm interested in (anesthesia), and personally bankroll half a dozen AOCs and Ro Khannas. I have a feeling that in the 2030s there will still be greedy conservatives trying to ruin everything and progressives will still have to fight for every inch of ground we get, so I'd like to help.

If anyone has any advice on what to do in this situation I'd appreciate it.

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