Bernie Sanders’ nephew runs for Democrats Abroad Convention Delegate – it could get emotional

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In 2016 it was the honour of a lifetime to cast my vote for my brother Bernard at the Democratic National Convention. So many Americans overseas have told me that this was important for them too. It is not clear yet whether the convention will be in person or not. I have asked my son Jacob, who does fantastic work with a homeless charity, and first volunteered on Bernard's 1990 congressional campaign, to stand to be a Democrats Abroad delegate for Bernie Sanders and once again represent the many members of the Global Bernie family. I am proud that here in the UK our family were able to play our small part to raise the Democrats Abroad primary turnout and win a great result for the campaign. Bernie 2020 UK is continuing to campaign for progressive candidates and on key issues such as Medicare for All. I was honoured to vote in 2016 on behalf of many Americans abroad and would be prouder still to be able to see Jacob do so in 2020. With love and solidarity from our family to yours in these difficult times, Larry

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