Can we tell if Democrats will win US election? BBC Analysis

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All in all, I find myself agreeing with many of the conclusions. Meaning they seem to confirm my feelings on the mood of the country, but then we all know people tend to interpret numbers and words according to their bias. Would very much like to hear what you all think of this article and it s content!

My take away as far as how we re doing: we need to make every week untill te midterms an action week. gotta get that momentum going .

Would also be incredibly helpfull to have podcasts with daily updates on what is being done by progressives throughout the country that day. Remind people they are not alone after the smack down that was Kavanaugh and the tax cuts they past during. Fight the despair.

What do you think?

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[Correcting the CTR] After a years-long exhaustive effort of inflammatory anti-Bernie social media activity, Sanders’ favorability among Democrats is now… *squints* still higher than Clinton’s.

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Gallup, Sep. 4–12 2018

Among all Americans Favorable (Net) Unfavorable No opinion
Sanders 53 (+15) 38 9
Trump 41 (-17) 58 1
Clinton 36 (-24) 60 4

Among (D)emocrats Favorable (Net) Unfavorable No opinion
Sanders 78 14 9
Clinton 77 ?? ??

Among independents Favorable Unfavorable No opinion
Sanders 54 35 12
Clinton 30 ?? ??

Common anti-Bernie arguments and their counters:

"BernieBros are white and male / Black Americans don't support him"

– Sanders favorability among whites +/-: 49/46 (net +3)

– Sanders favorability among non-whites: 64/21 (net +43)

Available polling has had Bernie with a higher net fav. rating among women than men

"Bernie is not a Democrat. (Dems don't want him.)"

– Bernie has consistently had a higher favorability than Clinton among Dems since 2016. Virtually no-one in the party thinks him being an Independent is a detriment.

Bonus: "Bernie has gotten nothing done in his time in Congress."

Amendment King Bernie Sanders

Amazon is raising its minimum wage to $ 15 following pressure from Bernie Sanders


Americans Maintain a Positive View of Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton's Favorable Rating Still Low

Dunno why Gallup refuses to give a proper PDF of poll results, instead of scattering crumbs over a dozen articles. If anyone knows how to get full results, please let me know.

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There is a concerted effort by neolib Democrats to silence progressive agendas on Reddit

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Over the last few months I have noticed more and more accounts downvoting stories about the success of the progressive movement in the Democratic party and progressives in general.

It isn't just the absurdly Hillbotted r/politics anymore, it's this sub.

They are trying to re-write the facts about what happened in 2016 and how Bernie supporters were dismissed and overturned at every single turn and how the Democratic party un-Americanly overturned the will of the their own constituents.

We fought tirelessly in 2016 in a rigged game that we had not chance of winning because they constantly changed the rules.

Don't let them push you to the center during this election. Stand strong and stay principled…its what Bernie would want, it's what we all want.

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