Hot take: I don’t care much for David Sirota

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All the other public faces of the campaign are great. Faiz, Nina Turner, and Briahna are all fantastic. Each of them are exactly the type of fighters you want in your corner of the ring.

I don’t feel the same way about Sirota. I think he feeds a little too much into the anti-Bernie media bias, in addition to be universally reviled by what seems like every journalist. When you’re getting blocked by folks like Dave Weigel, who’s about as leftist-friendly of a mainstream journalist you’re going to find, then I think it’s time to reassess how you’re interacting with people. It seems like his name has grown quite toxic, to the point where I question what he’s bringing to the table and not taking away.

Look, being on the defensive isn’t a bad thing, nor is the Bernie vs. The World mentality. We should be pushing back against biased reporting, false narratives, and bad faith critiques. Good trouble is the best kind of trouble, but I don’t think Sirota does that. When we already have so many savvy, eloquent, and ferocious surrogates bringing the heat, I think his presence is at best redundant, and likely doing more harm than good.

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What is a Democrat? The Bernie isn’t one I think, I don’t know argument

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I have been told a number of times by ardent Democrats that "Bernie is NO Democrat!" When I asked what exactly is a Democrat to see how Bernie isn't one or a variation of the argument a Liberal I never get a straight answer. It's usually like this:

  • "Democrat" – Bernie is NOT a Democrat
  • Me – What's a Democrat exactly?
  • "Democrat" – Something Bernie is not.
  • Me – That didn't answer my question
  • "Democrat" – I don't have time to explain to Bernie Bros/bots
  • Me – Do you actually know or are you just echoing the DNC?
  • "Democrat" – BLOCKED!!!!

I feel this comes from the fact that if they actually started explaining the core principles of what they think the Democrat party is – helping the poor, fighting for equality, ending our wars of intervention, fighting for workers' rights, calling for police reform, etc… – that they can't really separate Bernie from this as his record shows a consistency on being on the right side of history when many of his opponents including the entire Democratic party at one point were not. He's more like what I used to think Democrats were supposed to be like FDR, Kennedy, Carter who held high ideals and worked for the progress of all. Since 2016, I realize the DNC is simply corrupt and paid opposition while their followers are naive supporters of a sports team they don't even know who the players are anymore only the color of their jerseys.

Anyway, I say press those people to say what they think a Democrat is then ask how Bernie is not that and more (unless they say the DNC is corrupt and inept – lol!).

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Don’t fall for the media’s propping up of Harris after last night’s debate

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It was fairly evident from the get-go that she had an advantage based on the audience. It didn't really matter what she said, how well or poorly she said it, or what point she was trying to make. Every time she spoke, there was audible cheering from a large group of women in the audience. I won't go as far as to suggest that this was a planted audience for the benefit of making her appear good, but it's certainly the case that the media is now taking advantage of this fact by parroting the claim that she dominated last night's debate.

She didn't. I think she came off as grandstanding, pandering, and relatively unfocused in answering a lot of questions. Lots of identity politics and little substance.

This wasn't Bernie's best night either, and in fact I think hardly anyone had a standout performance. But Kamala Harris certainly did not dominate.

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