Bernie vs Trump in an election would be the greatest tale in America…

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It seems like a tale of fate to have Bernie Sanders running against Donald Trump in an election for President of the United States. Similar to 'A Song of Ice and Fire', it seems like this is the most perfect allegory of American history in one potential election.

The United States is a liberal nation; inherent in liberalism is 'economic freedom' as in laissez faire economics. The nation was birthed from a rejection of royal authority and power, fighting for freedom while ironically indulging in slavery..

Today, we have seen what this economic liberalism has led to. It has come full circle in the figure of Donald Trump, being a draft-dodging child of wealthy elites, with not only a golden spoon but a golden toilet as well.

So comes the year 2020, where his opponent is the Jewish son of immigrants from one of the worst atrocities in human history (encouraged by American magnates) with very little, and a man who has fought for the right thing his entire life.

Bernie vs Trump would be beautiful.

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Addressing the Argument that Bernie Lost the 2016 Election for Hillary (with links)

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I thought it might be useful to have a post with a series of counterarguments to the numerous pro-Hillary, pro-establishment types that are stating that Bernie lost 2016 for Hillary.

Firstly, Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton after the 2016 primaries, as he promised he would:

Secondly, Bernie campaigned hard for Hillary against Trump in 2016:

Thirdly, More Clinton Voters in 2008 voted for McCain than Bernie voters voted for Trump in 2016: (I'd also disagree with the article's general argument, because those Bernie voters in WI, MI, etc. were probably independents and conservatives who liked Bernie but would not have voted for a Democrat for president).

Fourthly, Bernie's campaign staff begged the Clinton campaign to let them help Hillary in worrisome states like Wisconsin and Michigan:

Those are off the top of my head, if you think of any other counterarguments with sources to back them up, please comment and I can update this list!

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Bernie’s going to be up against a massive disinformation campaign this election

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These are the disinformation tactics we should be aware of when engaging in online discussions.


“Digital Media Specialists"

Click Farms & Bots

Foreign Influence


Ad buys are becoming obsolete

Examples from last election

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