#BernTheVote: Starting around 11 AM tomorrow, less Kos oversleeps, #Events For Bernie will be organizing a campaign to get 100k votes in the upcoming DailyKos straw poll. We will do a tweet blast around 2-4 hours beforehand also. Jane might Tweet.This is low commitment event 1 of 20. Details Inside.

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DailyKos is hosting a presidential straw poll every two weeks on Monday, unless Kos is a dick and changes the date this week after seeing this post. In the first 3 polls Warren won with 22% at 7700/35000 total votes, Kamala won with 27% at with 7560/28000 votes after her announcement, and Kamala won the third poll with 27% at ~11250/42000 votes. In 2016 Bernie regularly won every poll with his best poll being 73% at 12410 votes. As you can see the polls are getting far more attention this year.

We will post a link to the poll as soon as it is posted around 11 AM tomorrow. Slight edit: You can vote on a phone. If you use Safari go to the poll page, hold down the refresh icon, and it will prompt you to enable desktop mode. You can then vote and your vote does count. We have tested this.

Markos explicitly stated in one of the polls that he encourages organizing to win. We are playing by the rules. There was an email requirement in one of the three previous polls. The other two did not have one. However you do not have to be a DailyKos member to vote. If an email is required this time you can either use an old email you have gathering dust or you could use a current email and either unsubscribe or send DailyKos emails to spam.

Specifically major news networks like CNN and major online political publications like the Hill and Politico are covering the results. Both Markos, people at DailyKos, and people in the media have been talking bad about Bernie because he isn't winning by YUGE! margins this time. Well Kamala didn't start beating Warren till she announced and when Warren was winning she had just announced. Bernie has not even announced. He is likely announcing his exploratory committee, but not his official campaign, this Saturday.

In 2016 it was a tradition for Bernie's Army to win every online poll including for CNN and other major networks. In that tradition and because voting in a poll is a very small commitment, #EventsForBernie is making getting to 70-90% in the next DailyKos straw poll its first event of 20 or so. We want to allow every Sanders supporter to participate in big public events regardless of their ability to man phones or knock on doors or donate 27$ every time someone makes a mean tweet about our boy Bernie. We will be trying to increase the significance of the events as we go along without making them harder to meaningfully participate in. We'll be trying to get every Bernie Twitter and Facebook group working together for Bernie and for those who want to dive all the way in People For Bernie and Organizing For Bernie as well as Our Revolution will hopefully be organizing some more intense events for everyone Feeling The Bern.

I want to be very clear about our goals and rules. We want to get people involved in good, clean Bernie fun. We do not want any form of botting, cheating, or even toddler level multi voting. We want to win this poll fair and square and show the Democrats and the nation that Bernie is going to win in a landslide when regular American citizens get behind his campaign to improve our country. I have already had to talk to some people asking if we wanted them to use their scripts or proxies or bots or VPNs to vote. We appreciate your enthusiasm but we have not reach the technological singularity yet so please don't replace human organizing power with machine short cuts. Thank you for your consideration.

We will be trying to contact as many Facebook groups as we can. Feel free to post this message to Facebook or other Reddit communities, provided you are abiding by the appropriate community rules. We are requesting that people do not Tweet, although you can of course DM your friends and Bernie Buddies in private. We don't want our Tweet blast tomorrow countered by Donut Twitter, people who are Still With Her, etc. Twitter is really the place where Correct The Record and Shareblue current and ex members congregate. We want DailyKos, and the media, to be shocked by how ready we are for Bernie 2020.

Thank you and lets make our primary rivals #FeelTheBern.

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There Will Be A 2020 Bernie Sanders Online Volunteer Event For Monday And Tuesday For The Lead Up To Bernie Announcing Soon(TM)Coordination With Organizing For Bernie,Various Bernie Subs, People For Bernie And Others: Check Post For Early Details #BernieWillWin #Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern #RunBernieRun

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We are going to launch the first in a series of escalating events for getting attention and buzz for Bernie for 2020 Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th. You need access to a regular, non-mobile web browser. There will be a post here at the time of the event and a twitter blast. It will be obvious on Twitter because we expect to trend very fast. It will take participants about 10 seconds to a minute, hence the low commitment. Our action should get covered on CNN and other major media channels. We are keeping details under wraps until right before the event for the element of surprise. A link will be provided in a post here and in the Twitter blast. Based on turnout, we expect perhaps 40000 unique participants, 100k stretch goal, we will prepare a series of future actions. Our goal is to be low to medium commitment and medium to high impact. Events will be mostly online and most will be distinct from our first event with no detail blackout. We want to allow every single Sanders supporter to participate in meaningful mass action even if they can't quit their job to knock on doors. Other groups like Organizing For Bernie and Our Revolution will handle the major stuff and we will help people ease in and join the community. Sorry for the vagueness. Operational secrecy is crucial until the event starts.

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Tim Pool on JRE: “I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders . . . [until he said] white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor.” Joe Rogan: “That’s hilarious, go to WV and visit the . . . coal miners.” WVian here. He DID. Watch this 1.5 hr event he hosted in McDowell County, WV, on white poverty.

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Tim Pool on JRE: "I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders . . . [until he said] white people don't know what it's like to be poor." Joe Rogan: "That's hilarious, go to WV and visit the . . . coal miners." WVian here. He DID. Watch this 1.5 hr event he hosted in McDowell County, WV, on white poverty. submitted by /u/Gardnerr12
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If you were underwhelmed by yesterday’s event, don’t despair. You can lead the charge in your town.

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First, I want to thank Organizing for Bernie for spearheading this early pre-campaign, bringing in new volunteers, getting experienced volunteers active again, and driving momentum for Bernie.

With that said, most of our signups no-showed due to weather and we were left with a small core group of experienced 2016 volunteers who didn't need the 45 minute recap of why we support Bernie, so the decision was made to tune out and get to work locally. The great thing about a bottom-up movement is that each location has the power to do what works best in their situation.

Once the video was off, we set an agenda. Monthly meetings, contacting and recruiting volunteers, canvassing, phonebanking, textbanking, making our movement more sustainably diverse, identifying and running precinct captains in the party, supporting local candidates and initiatives in 2019, and more. It's a lot, but together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

So, if you're feeling like the call to action wasn't quite right for your local progressives, say something! Get everyone together in a Facebook group or Slack channel or just a group text and decide on how you will organize locally, and share your results here so we can continue learning from each other.

With these thoughts in mind, here's some proposed next steps which may or may not apply to you. Take what you want and ignore the rest:

  • Follow your state subreddit (from the sidebar)
  • Create a space for your local Bernie group to have ongoing, asynchronous conversations (Facebook group, Slack channel, etc.)
  • Invite every local supporter you know to that conversation and share it in local Bernie 2016 social media groups
  • Learn how to respond to common Bernie-related myths and criticisms from friends and family in a helpful way — it may not convince the person making the comment, but others are listening
  • Participate here! Lurking is a start, but we want to hear from you.
  • Set a meeting for one to two months from now and create an agenda for that meeting
  • For your meeting, create a few calls-to-action that are achievable:

Here's a few suggested calls-to-action for your local groups:

  • Bring two people into the group or channel to become volunteers
  • Pledge to run for precinct committee at the next opportunity
  • Make a donation to the campaign on launch day

Beyond all those things, one final piece of advice:


That's one of the reasons this subreddit is here. Organizing may sound easy until you get started. You'll run into roadblocks. Someone here will have already encountered these roadblocks and will gladly help you.


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