Bernie Sanders is possibly one of the best politicians, from a moral standpoint, to ever run for office

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It literally hurts to see these libs complain about how IT"S ALL ABOUT BERNIE when Bernie never, ever made it about him. He ate a steaming bowl of humble pie in '16 to help Hillary. He's done everything in his power, at every step, to help the US and the down trodden. And these people hate him for it.

I think the people who actually hate Bernie hate that he shows them the man behind the curtain, that everything in Oz is a facade, that the US govt hasn't had the people's interests at heart for the last 90 years, maybe ever. They hate that he shows them a mirror. For this reason, I cannot accept another candidate for 2020. I did it in '16. Never again. If they aren't willing to help the common person, and truly help them, it's not worth it.

What's the difference between Obama locking up immigrants and and Trump? Trump's a little harsher about it? What's the difference between Bush invading Iraq and Obama basically reinvading Iraq? What's the difference between "Leading from Behind" in Libya (creating a literal broken state) and arming the Saudi's against Yemen? Obama let the banks throw people out of their houses, then jailed exactly 0 people responsible for the great recession.

When the bills are piling up, my job is cutting hours, and healthcare is as accessible as the moon, does it matter if the boot on my neck is Blue or Red?

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How Bernie Sanders is going to come from behind and win the Democratic Nomination.

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State of the Race & Delegate Math

Bernie Sanders started this race by winning the first three states against the broadest primary field the Democratic Party has ever seen. Then Joe Biden won in South Carolina, the entire rest of the field dropped and largely endorsed him. Joe Biden proceeded to have a great three weeks.

Bernie Sanders has about 839 delegates, Joe Biden has about 1,121. We are about 280 delegates behind. It takes 1,991 delegates to secure the nomination. There are 1,851 delegates left to be awarded. The Democratic National Convention is in 118 days. The next primaries are scheduled on April 4 – 17 days from now (though they are likely to be delayed).

This is an uphill race for us right now. We need to blow Joe Biden out in some states in order to win the Democratic nomination. We can do this. Why? Because we are in unprecedented times with an unprecedented candidate.

This Presidential Race Is Unprecedented

There are two extremely unique things about this race. One is Bernie Sanders himself. Sanders is the longest-serving independent in American Congressional history. He represents a unique challenge to the traditional way of doing politics in America.

The second thing is the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are literally in a pandemic and people are sheltering in place. Today's results an unreliable indicator of how the rest of this Presidential race will go. Most states are going to postpone primaries. There will be a lot of voting by mail, and there will likely be a grande finale vote in June. A week is a long time in politics.

Bernie Can Definitely Still Win

In the time of a mass pandemic, many people are beginning to see the light on Medicare For All. People are wanting Bernie's entire platform RIGHT NOW. This call for Bernie's policies are making him appear like the strongest leader in the race.

The lengthened primary calendar is going to help Bernie and hurt Biden. In national polls released today, Bernie has cut Biden's lead to him to 9 points. A WEEK ago, Biden's lead was 21. The more people learn about Biden, the less they will like him. The next few weeks will see Bernie overtake Biden in the national polls, and this will be reflected in the voting.

As the race continues and the economy deals with pandemic fallout, Bernie Sanders will finish out the primary season with a long string of victories, all of the momentum, and a delegate lead. Right now is a great time to be the Medicare For All candidate.

Like I said, this is an uphill race for us! But there are MANY factors working in our favor. Good work today to all of our volunteers out there! Now take the night off and relax. We will be sending out more information tomorrow about how we are going to win this unprecedented race.

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