Anyone getting push notifications from Gmail to Unsubscribe from Bernie’s mailing list?

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I just got a notification on my phone prompting me to unsubscribe from Bernie's mailing list, becuase I hadn't opened one of the emails in over a month. I wouldn't really think anything of it except for the fact that this is the first time I've ever seen a message like this ever in context to any of the thousands of emails I get every month. Many of which are I didnt sign up for. In addition I get dozens of emails from other campaigns that I didnt sign up for and I have never opened but never recieved such messages about those emails or campaigns. I find it kind of odd considering I just donated to Bernie again the other day and his are the only campaign emails I ever open or interact with.

I'm not trying to be paranoid but with all the weird coordination in the media and corporate America trying to discredit, down play, and under cut Bernies campaign, my inner conspiracy theorist is getting the better of me on this one. Has anyone else seen these sort of messages before in relation to Bernies campaign or just in general?

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Good luck for Bernie from China.

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Firstly I am a Chinese and drunk, so I apologize for possible grammar and spelling mistakes, and possible logical confusion. (But if I am not drunk, I may not send this post.)

US was once the place I dreamed of going.

I started watching American TV dramas about twenty years ago, with TV dramas of 1980s (Growing Troubles, Knight Rider, Short Circuit, and so on. So lovely dramas), and I thought the United States was so developed. A great country. When there was almost no meat on my table, life in US was so enviable.

However, now, when I can go on vacation around the world as I please, the living standards of the American people do not seem to change much compared to that time (in TV dramas, as I did not really live in US in 1980s).

I just do not understand.

The United States is the richest country in the world. Why can you bear all this? The rich are enjoying their life every day, but when I pass the American city, I don't see a lot of smiles on the faces of ordinary people.

The United States is so developed! But US citizens are just as exhausted as we are, or even worse.

For me, life is so fucking, but I can intuitively feel that my living standards are improving. So I can still bear all these fucking things. I just don't understand why you also can.

Bernie is a great person and he wants to change it all.

I am not an American, so I can't vote for him. But if I am in the United States, I will. I don't think any candidate other than him can change all this.

I have no special preference for the Democrats or the Republicans, because I am not American. But Bernie is really great. I hope that Bernie is elected, and I hope you all have a good time.

Good luck.

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Story from Phonebanking Today

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I live in California & I was phonebanking California today.

Me: Hi, is this David?

David: Yes

Me: Hi David, my name is Jamie & I'm a volunteer with the Bernie Sanders campaign. Are you a Bernie supporter?

David: Yes!

Me: Great! Would you say strong supporter?

David: Yes!

Me: Awesome! Do you know if you are already registered as a democrat?

David: I'm too young to vote.

(The name at the top says David A****, 20 years old.)

Me: Umm…that's weird, is this David A****?

David: No, this is David M******. I'm 16.

Me: Oh! Sorry, wrong number! But hey that's awesome that you're a Bernie supporter!

David: Can I volunteer though? Am I old enough?

So I hooked him up. Wrong number turned volunteer, it's never happened to me before. Anyone else have similar stories?

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CALL TO ACTION: Want to help set the stage for Bernie to get elected next year? Then you NEED to VOTE tomorrow. Elections this year will have numerous effects, from reducing voter suppression and blocking gerrymandered maps.

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27 states are having elections tomorrow, on November 5th.

The massive turnout in 2018 resulted in numerous Democrats getting elected to local, state, and federal seats – the blue wave was real. These gains have had obvious impacts from the ability to impeach the president, to the number of bills passed in the house, and allowing state Democrats to prevent voter suppression tactics and gerrymandering.

The MOST impactful action you can take is to vote in every election, regardless of how competitive it is. Voting once increases the chance of voting again; furthermore, the better Democrats do in elections provides momentum to attempt again the next cycle. With so many disenfranchised voters supporting Bernie, it is incredibly important for us to help Democrats get elected to state legislatures – so they can reduce barriers to voting.

Links to resources that will prepare you to vote tomorrow and provide any needed information. I highly recommend reading the links in order

  1. Check if you have an election coming up
  2. Check your registration
  3. Register to vote
  4. Find your nearest polling place
  5. Get an absentee ballot
  6. Sign up for text & email election reminders
  7. Watch a YouTube video that explains the voting process in your state
  8. Find volunteering opportunities on
  9. Donate on Act Blue to Democrats in elections and organizations like SwingLeft and League of Conservation Voters

Tips to improve your voting experience and increase your impact.

  • Figure out how you are getting to polling place.
    • Making a plan and making sure you have a ride to the polling place greatly increases voter turnout.
  • Go to the polls as early as you can
    • Lines to vote get longer throughout the day, by going early you can help reduce congestion.
  • Bring friends and family with you
  • Post a picture of you with an "I Voted" sticker on all of your social media
  • Share these resources with your network

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