The house is all dark. It’s getting late, 3am. I’m going to bed. I’m in the middle of watching…

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… Bernie's des Moines interview, on my cell.

I need to make my way to the bedroom without waking up my spouse, so i use my phone's screen, playing the interview on YouTube, to shine a little light ahead of me.

Then it hit me: Bernie was literally my beacon of light showing the way.

Please, PLEASE caucus, Iowa, the eyes of the world are on you.

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Going to my first campaign event tomorrow

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Hi all,

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to Bernie’s event in Ames! This will be the first campaign event I’ve gone to for any candidate, ever. I’m super excited and just had a question I think you guys would have an answer to.

The event starts at 8 and opens at 6:30. Is it usually packed? Should I get there early and wait in line or will getting there at 6:30 be fine?

Thanks for the help!

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Listen to Me: We’re Going to Win This

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They're going to get desperate. They're going to get viscous. They're going to throw everything they can at Bernie, but the strength of this movement is real, and we will overcome it all together.

The time has come to ask yourself again,

"Are you willing to fight as hard for that person who you don't even know as much as you are willing to fight for yourself?"

I doubt I know many of you here, if any, but you can count on me to fight for the vision of this campaign. For OUR future.

Solidarity Forever =)

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Guys our future President is walking around without security or bodyguards WTH is going on?

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Seriously this topic specially bothers me because history is FILLED, yes FILLED, with good guys being taken out by sociopaths or simply people who dont care about anything else than their righteous crazy ideals.

How is Bernie even allowed by his own team to walk around without safety or security?

The campaign needs to take this seriously because it does send a very weird message to the people that he is not valuing his safety, his life or this movement.

I say this because I already watched over TWO videos on twitter of him walking around the street LITERALLY by himself, like WTF?

I would volunteer to make sure he is safe if I had too.

This bothers me a lot because I cannot stand the idea of something stupid or unpredictable happening simply because he did not have security.

Hell he should have SECRET SERVICE he is the fvkn FRONT RUNNER.

In 2016 he had SECRET SERVICE.

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The Media is going to try to charge Bernie with Antisemitism after how well it work against Corbyn in the UK.

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The best way to combat this online is simply shaming them for the audacity to say that Bernie is such after literally losing his family on his Father's side in the Holocaust.

Do not bother denying or letting them muddy the waters. Shame them and call them pathetic to their faces.

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