I’m uneducated with regard to free health care, I want to believe it’s possible, and I want to be able to educate those who don’t.

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So a friend made a post on facebook knocking the American dream of Canada's free health care. I noted that I haven't given politics enough attention and that although I don't know if free healthcare would work for us or not, if we don't try, we'll never know, and it's just the right thing to do for the country's citizens. I made the point that I was uneducated in these matters as I don't know which party's "evidence" is BS so I haven't formed a real opinion yet. Personally I think GOP are greasy, sheisty, and skeevy, but that's not the point here. I don't give a shit about parties, what's right or wrong, I want to know what's possible and what's true.

You don't have to read the reply I received below. Though aside from being a bit insulting, it helped my perspective and drew some interesting points.

So your rational faculties aren't up to the task of identifying good and bad ideas in this space. Nothing to be ashamed of – most people, including me, aren't competent to do this in most areas. Your feelings are a very poor substitute. The so-called experts are all contradicting each other and putting forward evidence whose veracity you don't know how to evaluate. On some issues, and health care is high on this list, all these experts are plagued by their own ideologies and can only ever seem to find answers compatible with those ideologies. Go figure. But I can give you a strong clue with respect to economics. The entire difference between good and bad economics is whether you can see 2 feet past your nose, and are willing to do so. You can't just consider the intent, you have to look for the unintended consequences. You can see who is directly and immediately affected, but you have to consider who is affected indirectly and in the long run, and how. The thing is almost everyone is able, and almost no one is willing, to do this, because their ideologies have something to say about it, which is to say their feelings. So analysis stops quite abruptly as soon as it yields an answer that feels satisfying, and the result is bad economics. And the result of that is bad policy, and the result of that is injustice and unnecessary suffering and death. When Obamacare passed, hardly anybody seemed to notice that the stock prices of all the big insurers began skyrocketing, or that the smaller ones started disappearing, let alone the relationship between those observations, or the relationship between those and Obamacare. The only people who noticed it were the ones who predicted it. Nobody else was able to notice even after it was pointed out, or if they did they attributed it to some nonsense like greed instead of even attempting any rational analysis. We all knew – or at least we were told, and curiously eager to believe it – who the intended beneficiaries of Obamacare were. Not many people gave a moment's thought to who the actual beneficiaries would be, or at whose expense, even when that became obvious in the form of rising stock prices, defunct insurers, skyrocketing premiums and deductibles and so on. So here we are, and instead of engaging critical thought everybody is rolling with feelings, which invariably produce the same answers that got us here, but ideologues also have a puzzling inability to consider how things came to be the way they are in the first place. So please, especially when deciding whether to favor a policy, which by definition will be rammed down everyone's throats at literal gunpoint, set your feelings aside and use your noggin.

This was among the propaganda and etc spread throughout the posts in this discussion:

Democrats Idolize Canada's Health System As It Recovers From Worst Year Ever

Sanders Invites Canadian Doctor To Discuss Single-Payer, Admits To Year Long Wait Times

Canada's Health-Care System Is Failing To Deliver Timely Care To Patients

I generally like to read personal accounts of those who live with such health care systems. I've heard both good and bad from people. I don't know what to think. Just earlier I was reading from a UK man about how grateful he is for their healthcare despite all the difficulties and frustration that come with it, if it wasn't for their healthcare he doubted even a second job would cover the cost of his family's current medical needs. But then you've got all these nightmarish stories going around about how ineffective and detrimental it is to the economy and how people who could have supported themselves are up shit's creek because of outrageous wait times. And then, to what end could our government take advantage of such a system to screw us over and put money in their pockets? Breaking up big banks, taking away big pharma's leverage…etc all the ill earned money tied up in their hands, will we without a doubt be able to redistribute all this wealth into the economy successfully, specifically healthcare? What if we take on this healthcare and all efforts to redistribute wealth fail and somehow royally screw up our economy? Our government is largely corrupt will 1 president and his cabinet be able to succeed given how many dirty hands have hold of our government? There is so much I don't know, so much I don't even know if I'm even understanding correctly. If we want free healthcare, we need to have a SOLID counter argument to all the strongest republican counter arguments to free health care in America. If we don't personally have these arguments, then we are fools to vote or side with any relative policies. Many of you may be strongly informed but I myself don't have any argument either way. So please share with me all the information and resources you feel could surgically dismantle any argument the most brilliant and educated of republicans could throw at us. I want to vote not only to create a more giving and compassionate country, but I also want to vote with an educated confidence that it won't have us end up in the gutter. Thanks for your time. I appreciate and welcome anything you have to share.

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