can anyone help?

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This is the man that brought me to Bernie and the progressive party.. i was a trump fan and supporter until he showed me who trump really was.. this was a few months after he wqs elected. I felt ashamed and begin reading more and more.. I went from whqt i thought was mid but actually was far right to progressive.. i though what i believed was right and helping.. i see i was wrong I even joined the Blm movement..

I made a post before I tried to bring him attention but no one was really interested His name is Richard He wanted to run for the school board in florida He doesn't know how. Maybe someone here can explain. He is progressive to and wants a better education for his daughter. He is very poor, in the last few years he has had a divorce, loss of income, lost his house, is a single dad that now works 60 hours a week and is living week to week pre covid. I just wanted to get his name out and help him however I can.

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[Election 2020] [Healthcare Reform] [Climate] Help me refine this letter to Joe Biden about the importance of choosing a progressive VP candidate.

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I'm fairly new to Reddit, so I'm pretty sure I'm not doing all this right. Please forgive me; I just want a place to be heard and discuss these things. In this I suggest Elizabeth Warren to be the best VP candidate. Please reserve judgement until you've at least read it once. I also suggest some possible campaign slogans toward the end.

——- Letter Begins ——–

To Mr. Vice President Joe Biden,

It's a well-known fact that people make choices based on emotion, not logic. We don't treat our wounds until they hurt bad enough. It's how our country got into this mess in the first place.

Trump found untapped potential in extremists and their emotion. Extremists, like the guy who ran over an innocent girl in Charlotte. Extremism has emotion, so it's attractive. Revolutions are more fun. Nobody fights tooth and nail to preserve the status quo.

Unless that status quo might come to an end. Trump must be removed before his brand of "me first. I'm king. Forget tradition. Forget decency. All that matters is power" becomes the new status quo.

The logical thing to do is pick a vice president who is best able to lead the country at a moment's notice. That's not gonna get you elected. It means nothing if you lose.

This VP choice matters. Much more than probably ever in the history of this nation.

To restore the soul of this country, you need your counterpart. Cause you need emotion on your side. There's a lack of emotion and drive in the Biden campaign from what I, and most people see.

Fortunately, you don't need extremists. But you need the progressives. They are not extremists, but if inspired, they will fight for your campaign with 100x the enthusiasm of most moderates.

Not all Trump supporters are nazis and extremists. Most aren't. Part of what's dangerous about him is that he's got plenty of normally decent and respectable people supporting him. But, probably unlike any other candidate in history, he has ALL the right wing extremists, too. They are an army that finally has a voice. And they will fight to the death to keep it.

You need an army to fight for you with the same passion they will for him. And no, I don't mean Antifa.

Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more money for his campaign than all the rest of the candidates by a landslide. All without a single super PAC. Bernie's campaign was more than just about himself. And it wasn't simply to get rid of Trump. Any former or current member of Bernie's campaign would tell you the passion and positivity they have is incredibly inspiring and infectious. It was and still is a movement, it is strong and growing, and its followers are legion.

You need this legion.

Trump has charisma. He's fun to listen to. You need someone like that. You need someone who will absolutely destroy Pence in debates. Someone who can draw big crowds campaigning for you. Or, if you decide to not do in-person rallies, you need a VP who is well known on social media.

More importantly, you need that legion that they inspire.

Up until now the Biden campaign, and Biden supporters, have been fueled primarily by fear. Fear of Trump. Fear of this nation falling apart.

Fear is powerful, but it's not enough. Fear only lasts as long as the danger. Fear-motivated people will likely slack off if Trump gets too far behind. You need the fire of people who want real change, not just to get back to normal. You need joy and hope. And maybe just a bit of hatred. Not just of Trump, but hatred of our health care system. Hatred of our inaction on climate change. And hatred of corporate America running this country by paying people off and silencing even the majority.

You need your legion.

After all this recent racial unrest, it might seem like someone non-white is a better choice. But they need to be someone who progressives can be inspired by. And we've already had a black president, so there won't be any firsts here with race (unless you choose someone not white or black). Elizabeth Warren happens to be white, but she has a legion of followers. Warren's a crowd pleaser, and she draws big ones. She has tons of very recent practice campaigning. She's one of the few VP candidates who has experience campaigning nationally. Not only that, there was a time when she looked like she'd be the nominee. People like her. She's hosted SNL. And she will eat Pence alive.

You, Mr. Biden, are Not Just An Average Joe. You are the shining beacon of moderation, decency, logic, unity, and common sense. Exactly what this country needs. But people make choices based on emotion, not logic. Emotion is what will get you elected. Not just fear of Trump. But hope for real change.

Picking the right VP will likely mean the difference between people just *probably* going to vote for you and people campaigning for you.

Find your legion. So we can Dump the Trump. And Make America Sane Again.

Take it from a former Republican. You need progressives. You need your legion.

Because Make No Mistake, Trump Won't Stop At Eight.

——- Letter Ends ——

First, did I still make progressives sound like extremists? It's not what I want, and I tried to be clear about that.

For people who don't think this is the right place for this topic, I posted here first because I wanted to be sure that I'm right, that progressives and members of this Political Revolution would indeed be more inspired by a progressive VP candidate. Because if not, then there's no point in sending this.

I'm sure there are purists here who will say "Warren is nothing like Sanders, she's a disgrace" blah blah. We're not gonna get Sanders. In politics you have to make do with what people will give you.

Is there a better candidate than Warren for this? I think that the already large following she's gotten would aid Joe's campaign better than anyone else so far.

Please be polite, but feel free to criticize any of this. I want this to come from the voices of more than just me.

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to all my bernie peeps out there in the reddit world, who love people. i wanted to do some good and made a website where anyone can help people with ease.

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please check it out and share it with everyone you know, every action helps.

just trying to make it easy for those who want to help, help. thanks in advance it means a lot

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