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My wife and I are mailing our absentee ballots tomorrow, she hasn't been as up to date as me with Biden's disappearance act, Tara Reade's allegation, and Bernie's big win passing the COVID 19 amended bill for the unemployed while fundraising for supporting those in need.

She was initially for Warren, and her main argument is that Bernie is too kooky to win against Trump. And so she's currently leaning towards Biden.

What are some of the best topics I can present while not pressing too hard as she's still making her mind for herself?

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How we are going to help Bernie Sanders come back and win the Democratic nomination on June 2, 2020.

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Hello, everyone! Let's take a look at where we are and what we gotta do to win this historically unusual race.

State of the race:

  • 30 primaries done. 27 primaries remaining.
  • 1,991 delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination
  • Joe Biden has about 1,215. Biden needs 776 more to clinch.
  • Bernie Sanders has about 909. Sanders needs 1,082 more to clinch.
  • There are 1,679 delegates remaining.
  • Sanders needs to win about 64% of the remaining delegates to clinch the Democratic Nomination.
  • Many primary dates in motion due to Coronavirus. Many primaries will be by mail. June 2 is now as important as Super Tuesday.
  • No candidate is going to win before June 2.

Bernie can win 2/3 of the remaining delegates.

We live in interesting times. After being historically huge, the Democratic field only recently narrowed to two candidates, Bernie and Biden. Biden is plummeting in opinion polls. Bernie is skyrocketing. Due to the extended primary calendar, the Sanders campaign has until June to make its case. Due to Coronavirus and the fact that his opponents are Trump and Biden, Bernie currently looks like the only responsible adult in the room.

Elections and states are won by 2/3 margins all of the time. We can do this! Here's how.

Strategy: GOTV and Convince People Over 50

Bernie Sanders is crushing the vote with folks under 45. Biden is crushing the vote with people over 50. People over 50 are voting in much greater numbers, which is why Biden is currently winning. Our path to victory thus lay in 1) Turning out the Youth Vote, and 2) Convincing older folks that Bernie is the best, most electable candidate to run for the Democrats in 2020.

Do Your Part #1: Make sure you vote. Make sure your friends vote.

The following states and territories are all going to be offering voting by mail –


Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Tell everyone you know in these states to go vote for Bernie Sanders! The BERN app can help you keep track. Join the call or texting teams do even more.

Do Your Part #2: Share Good Stories About Bernie With People Over 50

There are four narratives you need to respectfully share with people over 50 to help get these seniors on our side:

  • Bernie Sanders is much more electable against Trump than Biden.
  • Joe Biden has tried to cut Social Security many times.
  • Bernie Sanders is a New Deal Democrat.
  • Bernie Sanders is the only leader we have during Coronavirus pandemic.

Call your parents and grandparents. Talk to older folks in your communities. Share 1 pro-Bernie article on Facebook everyday. Get out of your comfort zone and respectfully let people know why Bernie Sanders is the best and most electable candidate in 2020.

Let's get out there and win this nomination in June!

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Help! After several hours I finally have a trump supporters ears!!

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I've been trying to get my trump supporter sister to hear me out about why M4A would actually benefit us despite thinking the opposite. She wouldn't have any of it and I finally got her to say she would read what I have to say. I know she's been exposed to only republican type talking points…what news sources are considered to be the most fair for only reporting facts and not opinions that push a narrative? She doesn't want to be swayed by the left nor the right, she wants to hear facts and make up her own mind going forward. she thought she had been reading news sources that were unbaised and credible but she said she got her info from daily mail. Who do I recommend?

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How to Help Bernie Sanders Win Most of the 1668 Remaining Delegates

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Reach out to people you know in these states and tell them you want them to vote for Bernie.

Get the BERN app to help you reach out.

Click your state to find out more on where to vote

Alaska Register as a Democrat, send in your mailed ballot, or vote in person 4/4.

Connecticut Register as a Democrat by 4/23. 17 YEAR OLDS CAN VOTE. Vote 4/28

Delaware Register as a Democrat by 4/4. Request a mailed ballot here by 4/24, or vote in person 4/28.

Washington D.C. Register/Affiliate as a Democrat by 5/12. Vote early here 5/16-5/28. Vote in person on 6/2.

Georgia – Early Voting ends MARCH 20th.

Guam Vote 5/2, 10am-6pm.

Hawaii – Register, then Affiliate as a Democrat here. If you haven't received a mailed ballot, Vote in person 4/4.

Indiana Register to vote by 4/6. 17 Year Olds can vote. Vote early from 4/7-5/4 in person. Or vote in person 5/5.

Kansas Register/ Affiliate as a Democrat. 17 Year Olds can vote. Return your mailed ballot, or vote 5/2.

Kentucky Register as a Democrat by 4/20. Vote 5/19.

Louisiana Register/Affiliate as Democrat by MARCH 14th. Vote early here MARCH 21st- MARCH 28th. Vote June 20th.

Maryland Register/Affiliate Democrat by 4/7. Request a mailed ballot here. Vote early in person here 4/16-4/23. Vote 6/2.

Montana Register on site. Vote early 5/4-6/1. Vote 6/2.

Nebraska Register by 4/27. 17 Year olds can vote. Vote early starting 4/13 here. Vote 5/12.

New Jersey Register or Affiliate as a Democrat by 4/8. Vote early here 4/18-6/1. Vote 6/2

New York Register as a Democrat by 4/3. Early vote here 4/18-4/26. Vote 6/2.

New Mexico Register/Affiliate as Democrat by 5/5. Early Vote here 5/5-5/30. Vote 6/2.


Oregon Register or Affiliate as Democrat by 4/28. Send in your mailed ballot.

Pennsylvania Register/Affiliate as a Democrat by 3/29. Get your Mail In Ballot here. Vote 4/28.

Puerto Rico Vote April 26th.

Rhode Island Register to vote by MARCH 29th. Vote 4/28.

South Dakota Register by 5/18. Vote early here 4/17-6/1. Vote 6/2.

U.S. Virgin Islands Register by 5/6. Vote 6/6.

Wisconsin Vote early MARCH 24th- 4/5. Vote 4/7.

West Virginia Register by 4/21. 17 Year Olds can vote. Early vote here 4/29-5/9. Vote 5/12.

Wyoming Send this form here by MARCH 20th. Vote early here on MARCH 28th. Vote 4/4.

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A group of American billionaires are donating $500 billion of their own wealth in stimulus package giveaway to help working class Americans…

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… said no news headline ever. Instead those billionaires are going to get a taxpayer handout.

If you want that headline to happen for real, you need Bernie Sanders to implement a real wealth tax. Nuff said.

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