Bernie running mate predictions if he’s nominated?

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  1. Who does everyone think he would go with at this point?

  2. Who would you like him to go for if it differs?

Also why in regards to both questions.

Let’s have a fun productive discussion on issues rather than feelings, because the issues are what matters.

For me it’s Gabbard on both counts. Despite the emotional rumor mill and anger that has been pushed against her online in the past few weeks she both endorsed him before and is with him on a lot of issues, plus she would bring a lot more moderate votes towards him he might not get otherwise.

She would personally be my first choice for Pres as of now but I don’t think she has the clout to beat him or a couple others in the primary due to being lesser known and people looking at emotions rather than voting record.

I voted for Bernie in 2016 and I’ll vote for him again, but I like Gabbard too.

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WaPo: Sanders only appears to be the most electable candidate (but he’s not for reasons they will tell us later)

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No media bias at WaPo. By this WaPo article's own metrics, Sanders is the best candidate to beat Trump. But wait – those metrics can only be applied to ALL OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES, but not to Sanders. Don't ask why – they'll tell us later, much later – like sometime after they can come up with a really, really good reason that they haven't thought of yet.

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What’s with all the hate for Bernie from the previous election and even now?? He’s the only candidate that makes logical sense.

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I voted for Bernie in the primaries of the last election and I was so disgusted to find out that Hilary beat him. How can people idiotically support someone who is so politically corrupt?

On top of all that, people drank the kool aid and thought trump would be a great president for our country. I didn’t vote in the actual election because trump and Hilary were 2 different faces on the same coin.

Now everyone hates him and no one is willing to admit they were wrong. America elected in an incompetent buffoon into power, this really made me lose faith in the system.

Now that Bernie is planning on running for the 2020 election, those same people are shitting all over Bernie.

The question is… why???

Bernie is a saint and America’s last hope. He actually gives a damn about the people, he’s already old, what does he have to gain from politics monetarily at this point?

It really makes me angry and honestly, at this point all I can do is donate money to Bernie’s campaign, vote for him, and spread the word.

If he doesn’t become president after the next election, then I’ve lost all hope.

How can American citizens be this naive when our savior is right in front of our very own eyes?

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