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Donate to Bernie today and post a picture of your receipt. In 24 hours, I will randomly select 10 people and PM them a coupon code for a free large pizza from Pizza Hut.


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Expiration dates for the coupons range from 1 to 4 weeks.

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Remember how the Corporate Media spent endless hours telling us African-American voters did not like Bernie Sanders in 2016?

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Well lookie here:

The corporate media/NPR in 2016 repeated endlessly as gospel the Hillary Clinton talking point that she had a special connection to Black folk and Bernie just couldn't relate, as an old white guy from Vermont.

In fact, African-American voters just didn't know Bernie. By the end of the 2016 campaign Bernie was winning with Black voters under 40 and he is doing well with Black voters in 2019. That makes sense, because Black voters tend to be the most progressive voting group, along with Latinos and voters under 30, and Bernie is the most progressive candidate.

Now when Mayor Pete, the darling of Wall Street donors and the corporate media/NPR, lays a two ton egg with African-American voters it is not a story at all in the corporate media/NPR, or he is cut all sorts of slack because black voters still need to learn about him.

But here is the truth: those African-American voters who know Buttigieg best don't like him at all. He currently registers 0 percent support from Black voters in some polls, and there is little reason to think that will improve. Yet, for St. Mayor Pete, that is not a news story.

You'd think someone over at CNN and MSNBC might think this is an important story. They sure did back in 2016 when Bernie was scrambling in the deep South to get African-American support..

The double standard in press coverage is so severe it could almost be a triple standard.

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Did you know many volunteer team opportunities get recruited from Bernie’s Official Text Team? The campaign is growing and Bernie needs you! 🔥 Flexible hours on some teams. 💥

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Researchers, team leads, sweepers, help desk, data entry, phone bank, event support! When the campaign needs instant 'extra hands', It's the text team they go to. So come join the team and find your perfect fit to volunteer.

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Bernie raised 6 million in 24 hours from tens of thousands of individual donors donating around $27. Beto raised 6 million, but we have no idea what his average was. Could it be that a couple thousand wealthy donors donated the max, $2,700? Details are important to gauge actual grassroots support.

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Tens of thousands of small donors gave to Bernie's campaign in the first 24 hours, raising 6 million.

Beto apparently also raised 6 million in the first 24 hours, but we haven't been given any details about his average donation amount, how many donors, etc.

This is important because ~2,000 wealthy dems giving the max, $ 2,700, could raise that amount on their own.

It is important to know these details to know if there is actual grassroots support behind Beto, or if he is being fueled by a few thousand party elites all donating the max to boost their guy.

Also, giving $ 27 more to Bernie today. Join me.

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