Did Obama hurt the idea of a truly progressive president?

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Sometimes I wonder if we reached this point because Obama shattered our idea of a truly progressive president.

Obama campaigned a lot of things and unfortunately did not fulfill a lot of his promises. I'd like to think that he was still a good man that cared for the country and the office of the presidency is a lot more complicated than I thought, but in the end president Obama never backed up campaign Obama. The patriot act which he promised to repeal only strengthened, the banks never got proper regulations or anything close to Glass-Steagal even in 08 and just got bailed out, he never cracked down on income inequality like he promised, everything that went wrong with Libya, the drone wars(completely indefensible).

It's so surreal watching his campaign videos from 07/08. There was so much hope and so many promises he made that never got fulfilled. Even though I like the guy and still think he's the best president we've had since Nixon, I still feel there was a bit of a betrayal. People really, and truly believed that we were on the verge of a new era after Bush, and still see the wars going on, privacy only get worsen, and wages continue to stagnate while income inequality got worse….it just feels people got bitter and it made many people vulnerable to Trump's rhetoric.

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