New York Bernie Supporters, Are you Beginning to Change Independents to Dems?

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The deadline for SWITCHING registration is October. We need to get NY Bernie supporters that may be independent or even Republican to swtich to Dem. It's good to register new voters too, but that deadline isn't until sometime next year. The existing registered voters must switch by October. Anyone actively working on setting up a grassroots apparatus before the Bernie campaign sets up campaign office there later on? The sooner the better!

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Q: Why isn’t anyone talking about how many state’s primaries are structured in a way that prevents independents from voting in them?

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I was just reading a thread that went through the typical talking point maelstrom: DNC corruption vs. didn't support Hillary vs. not a real Democrat vs. 3rd parties split votes, FPTP system vs. doesn't fundraise for party vs. progressive caucus Etc. Etc.

No one ever seems to talk about reforming the many state's closed primaries so that they're more inclusive and alllow for more independent participation. It's arguable that this was a large component among the many other advantages Clinton had over him in the primary, no?

He did great in states with open caucuses and poorly in closed primaries. It was certainly a talking point at the time( but for some reason doesn't get hurled by Bernie Bros at Shillbots with nearly the same frequency as these other, arguably less important, tired old talking points.

The issue of super delegates was dealt with. What gives?

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